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FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards: Release Content and Rewards


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Mar 16, 2022
The FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards are supposed to come soon and instead of FUTMAS. We tell you what you can expect in this promo, when it should be released, if we could see another swaps event and all leaks.
The World Cup is going into the final phase, and we're getting new content almost every single day in FIFA 23. But what will happen once it's all over, and we know who won the golden trophy? The Winter Wildcards is the answer you're searching for!
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FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards: Release Date, Content
Just so you know, there hasn't been an official statement from EA denying or confirming the reintroduction of the Winter Wildcards Promo, yet. But the reliable source FUT Sheriff already leaked the promo on Twitter.

Winter Wildcards Release
Currently, we still have the World Cup Phenoms, which will be replaced on Friday, December 16.
Then the World Cup in Qatar is going into the last matches, so the World Cup Team of the Tournament will be released on Friday, December 16. The Winter Wildcards will then be released on Friday, December 23 and will remain in the packs until Friday, January 6.
The Winter Wildcards will also feature two different special teams, which will both be live for one week each.

Winter Wildcards Content
As you might already know, EA's promo teams usually stay in the packs for one week only. Additionally, we will see lots of Squad Building Challenges, Special Packs and also some free-to-play Objective players.
It will be really similar to last year's Winter Wildcards promo, where we've seen a lot of different and nice cards.

Winter Wildcards Swaps With Tokens And Rewards
Right after the World Cup Swaps run out, we will get the Winter Wildcard Swaps. EA Sports will release 25 Tokens, which you can unlock starting December 23. You will then be able to submit the tokens into different SBCs to get your preferred rewards. Unfortunately, we don't know the different objectives and rewards yet, but we will keep you updated, as soon as there's some news!