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FIFA 23: The Biggest Rating Upgrades In Ultimate Team


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Mar 16, 2022
There is nothing better than speculating about card ratings to get hyped about the next FIFA... and to see just how lost you are when it comes to making predictions. Or is it all EA's fault, and the ratings are just random anyway? Well, the truth probably lies somewhere in between.
Every season, some players really deliver on the pitch and play much better than their rating in Ultimate Team would initially suggest. Who has performed particularly well in the 2021/22 season, though? Are there new shining stars in the football world? And who will be the player with the highest rating? Let's have a look at the biggest rating upgrades in FIFA 23!
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Dusan Vlahovic
Well,he’s actually just like Erling Haaland,only a tad bit slower.Vlahovic definitely had enough confidence to become one of the greats one day.But for now,he has to rejuvenate the “Bianconeris” and lead the team back to its former glory so far,he’s not doing too badly.

Sandro Tonali
The next AC Milan player in this list is Sandro Tonali.When you’re watching him play,you’re simply getting Pirlo vibes.The Italian was the important man in the center,both setting the tone defensively and offensively.He earned his +7 upgraded to an 84 rated card.

Jude Bellingham
Jude Bellingham is 19 years old and already one of the most important players at Dortmund.He really has the leader mentality,you need as a captain.The English national team player will get a significant upgrade to 84 in FIFA 23.

Fikayo Tomori
Tomori completes the AC Milan trio.This rapid CB will probably annoy a number of people in the first Weekend Leagues.With these stats and the possibilities to link him,we’ll see him very often.

As the Golden Boy Winner, there’s obviously tons of pressure on this kid,but every time you watch Pedri,you’re reminded of how beautiful and easy football can actually look.He really performs under Xavi and will be upgraded to 85.

Patrik Schick
When you have that many talents playing behind you who feed you with fantastic through balls a couple of time per game,it’s actually quite easy being a striker.Of course,Patrik Schick has also improved dramatically since the Europea Championship last summer and continues to do well in the Bundesliga.This will be his card in FIFA 23!

Rafael Leao
The Portuguese is one of three Milanese in this list.Together with AC Milan,he played an incredible season.Although his physique isn’t the most common for a winger,he really impressed with his pace and his goal thread.Obviously he also attracted EA Sports’ attention,he will be upgraded by +7 to an 84 rating in FIFA 23.

Christopher Nkunku
You aren’t able to count the Special Cards Christopher Nkunku received in FIFA 22 on two hands anymore.TOTWs,POTMs,FUT events-he was almost everywhere.And so he gets a well deserved upgrade of +5 in FIFA 23.

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