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FIFA 23 PlayStation Tournament: All Info About The New FUT Game Mode


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Mar 16, 2022
There is finally a change from the normal FIFA 23 Ultimate Team routine: You can take part in PlayStation Tournaments from Sony and earn a small amount of FIFA Points. You can do this either in Season Mode with the licensed teams like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, or for Ultimate Team. We will show you later in detail how exactly you can see which tournament you can participate in.
The PlayStation Tournaments were really unexpected and don't stand out at first glance because you have to scroll all the way to the right in the game menu, which nobody usually does. There are no entry requirements for this mode, so what are you waiting for?
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FIFA 23 PlayStation Tournaments From Sony
Sony and EA Sports have entered into a cooperation here and we really like this idea. You can take part in an online tournament that is not dependent on the matchmaking of Division Rivals or the FUT Champions Weekend League. Which doesn't mean you'll be playing against insane sweaty players either. The best thing about this new mode: Entry is free and there are FIFA Points to be won! Only if you win the tournament, of course. And that will be rather difficult with an average gold team.
The prize money is the in-game currency FIFA Points, and depending on the tournament you can win between 100 and 500 points. With these you can open a gold pack, yay! That doesn't sound like much, but you can play several tournaments a day. For us, it's not about the FIFA Points, but it's just cool that there is another mode besides Division Rivals where you can play with your main team.

PlayStation Tournaments: You Can Play On These Platforms
The FIFA 23 PlayStation Tournaments are playable on the PS4 and PS5. You cannot - as the name suggests - play these tournaments on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. Your PS4/PS5 must be on the latest software status, you need PS Plus and you must download the latest FIFA update. Then you are ready to play.

PlayStation Tournaments: How To Participate
The participation in the FIFA 23 PlayStation Tournaments is really self-explanatory. But you should check your team before you start and extend the contract of every player without a contract, otherwise you will be in the lobby with your opponent and can't start the game. It happened to me once, totally annoying.
First, go to the far right under "Play" and click on PlayStation Tournaments. Then a PlayStation menu pops up in which you can see all the tournaments that are about to start. Now select the tournament you want to play. There you will also see the requirements and the mode that will be played. The prize money is also displayed, of course. Now you just have to start the participation and wait for the invitation from Sony. You will receive this as a notification via the PS menu. Once the tournament has started, you have five minutes to join the lobby and start the game with your opponent.

PlayStation Tournaments: Tournament Tree
The tournament is played in a classic single knockout system in a 16- or 32-player tournament tree. This means that if you lose, you are directly eliminated from the tournament. The FIFA Points are also only paid out to the winner, the runner-up goes empty-handed. You will only receive your winnings a few days or weeks after the tournament, so be patient as the FIFA Points have to be transferred first.

How To Win The PlayStation Tournament In FIFA 23
You should definitely line up your best players in the club. A little tip: You can use as many players on loan as you want. As this tournament counts as a friendly, the players on loan don't lose any matches. So put Mbappé, Gullit and all the other meta-players in your team. Of course, you still have to play well, otherwise it won't work.