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FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups SBC Cheap Solution and Packs


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Mar 16, 2022
The Marquee Matchups SBC will obviously continue in FIFA 23 and is still an integral part of Ultimate Team. Every Thursday, the Squad Building Challenge is updated with the hottest matches of the upcoming weekend.
It doesn't matter whether you're checking out the Web App on the train or playing FIFA 23 comfortably from your couch: You should regularly complete the Marquee Matchups SBC to make a few extra coins. Of course, the new chemistry system has changed a lot compared to FIFA 22.
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Is The Marquee Matchups SBC In FIFA 23 Worth It?
The Marquee Matchups SBC in FUT is actually always worth it! No joke, trust us here. If you play FIFA free-to-play and don't complete this challenge every week, then you are definitely doing something wrong.
At this point, however, we have to say that EA Sports should really give out better packs. In theory, the challenge is still worth it, but the packs aren't particularly good.
Pro Marquee Matchups SBC Con Marquee Matchups SBC
decent value harder to complete this year
decent packs bad packs

Marquee Matchups SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards
What is the cheapest way to complete the Marquee Matchups SBC? We always show you the cheapest solution, whether the challenge is really worth it or it's just an average SBC – you should know how to get the cheapest deal. So let's take a look at the teams you have to swap for this challenge:
LAFC vs. LA Galaxy SBC Cheapest Solution [Gold Pack]
Team 1 SBC Requirements
--Players from the USA: Min. 1
--Leagues: Min. 3
--Same Nation Count: Max. 4
--Silver Players: Min. 2

LOSC Lille vs. AS Monaco SBC Cheapest Solution [Small Gold Players Pack]
Team 2 SBC Requirements
--Players from France: Min. 2
--Same Club Count: Min. 2
--Player Level: Min. Silver
--Rare: Min. 1
--Team Chemistry Points: Min. 18

TSG Hoffenheim vs. Bayern Munich SBC Cheapest Solution [Premium Mixed Players Pack]
Team 3 SBC Requirements
--Players from TSG Hoffenheim or Bayern Munich: Min. 1
--Players from Germany: Min. 2
--Gold Players: Min. 3
--Rare: Min. 2
--Squad Rating: Min. 72
--Team Chemistry Points: Min. 22

Tottenham vs. Newcastle SBC Cheapest Solution [Prime Electrum Players Pack]
Team 4 SBC Requirements
--Players from Tottenham or players from Newcastle: Min. 1
--Players from the Premier League: Min. 2
--Same League Count: Min. 5
--Rare: Min. 3
--Squad Rating: Min. 75
--Team Chemistry Points: Min. 26

And that's it for the Marquee Matchups SBC this week.