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FIFA 23 FUT World Cup: Release Date, Game Modes, Special Cards & Leaks


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Mar 16, 2022
The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will be included in FIFA 23. Check out all information and when the event starts right here. There will be a special World Cup mode for Ultimate Team. We got the start date, what we can expect from the mode and card designs for you.
The FIFA 23 event calendar will be shaken up this year with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. After the FUT WC mode was accidentally released for PS5 about a month before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, more and more details are coming to light as to how the event will actually take place.
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With the accidental reveal of the World Cup Mode on PlayStation 5, we already know that there are at least three different modes you can play. These include the usual friendlies, online tournaments and individual tournaments.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode Release Window & Starting Time
We don't officially know when the event will start. However, the World Cup in Qatar takes place from November 20, 2022, onwards – so it just makes sense that the release date will be shortly before. EA already gave hints when exactly this will be. Current leaks indicate that we can expect the World Cup mode for FIFA 23 to go live on Wednesday, November 9th.
After the initial release, new content will be added to the game step by step and spread over several weeks. If the leaks come true, we can look forward to a total of four special events with "World Cup Path to Glory", "Road to World Cup", "World Cup Stories" and an unknown "World Cup Promo"

World Cup Path to Glory
This mode should probably be available at the start of the WC event – between November 11 and 23. During this period, the improved versions of the FUT Heroes are to be released in two different batches. However, not all FUT Heroes will be part of the event, only the 21 selected World Cup Heroes with their awesome Marvel look. Meta players like David Ginola or Antonio Di Natale probably won't be part of this event...

Road to World Cup
According to the leaks, we can look forward to some sweet looking Icon-upgrades from November 25 to December 2. A total of at least 35 improved World Cup Icons are currently suspected.

World Cup Stories
Neither the leakers nor EA Sports have provided any information on the other two modes during the World Cup event. As soon as there is any news on this topic, we will update this article so you don't miss ANYTHING.

WC Heroes, Icons And Nations to Watch Special Cards
As mentioned before, Icons and Heroes will be part of the FUT World Cup and will get upgrades to their previous stats. EA Sports has already shown the improved heroes as part of the cooperation with Marvel – we can only speculate about the icons at the moment, but there is already a leaked card design, which looks really really sick:
In order to not neglect the Ones to Watch special cards, EA Sports has come up with something special. During the World Cup, these player items will be converted to Nations to Watch cards. So Ones to Watch players can get a one-time in-form upgrade if their national team wins a match at the World Cup in Qatar. They don't even have to play to receive their boost. Nice.

Various Card Designs Leaked
What would a new FIFA event be without some amazing card designs? EA Sports is far from perfect and has made some horrendous mistakes in the last couple of months, but when it comes to the looks of new special cards for FIFA 23, they always hit the mark.We obviously won't know if the cards really look like this until they are released. But check it out for yourself, it just looks incredible.