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FIFA 23: Best FUT Low Budget Starter Teams


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Mar 16, 2022
It is very important to have a competitive squad right from the start in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We present you the best and at the same time cheapest starter teams in a range from 10k coins to over 100k coins in FUT.
The FIFA 23 Ratings got confirmed by EA Sports. We noticed several players who will completely dominate the FIFA 23 meta. If you want to start successfully into the new FUT year, then you can't live without these new meta players. Therefore, we show you the best and cheapest FUT 23 starter squads. The new chemistry system will bring completely new possibilities in team building.
As you can easily see from the cover picture, Fikayo Tomori, Fede Valverde and Ousmane Dembélé will play a big role at the beginning of Ultimate Team. Let's be honest, what has always been the most important thing in FIFA? Exactly, pace. Nothing works without pace, and especially when FUT isn't overrun with special cards yet, you have to play with the fastest and most overpowered gold cards.
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How To Get A Cheap Starter Team
The real sweaty players will be earning plenty of coins through the companion or web app even before the game launches with the Ultimate Edition on September 27th. By trading in the app, you can collect coins. Buying players for cheap or sniping them and then selling them for an upscale price is actually quite easy. From then on, it's a matter of putting together an OP team.
We present you three cheap squads with which you will dominate the first games in Division Rivals or also in FUT Champions.

FIFA 23: Best Low Budget Starter Teams For FUT
We have divided the teams into different price categories. We start with a team that will probably cost between 10k and 20k coins. After that we'll show you a 50k team, and at the end there's the 100k sweaty bob team for the Weekend League. At this point it should be said again: The ratings are already official, but Futbin doesn't have the updated FIFA 23 ratings in the system yet. Some players are also not yet placed at the new club, so don't be surprised.
All teams will have full chemistry, though. As soon as we have the new cards with the new ratings, we will update the pictures. Until then, you just have to imagine the players with the FIFA 23 ratings. You can do that.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: 10k OP Starter Team
This is a really cool starter team for little coins, everyone should be able to afford this hybrid after a few days of FUT. YouTuber IamTabak presented this team, and it looks really brutal. The values are, as I said, not up to date and will still change into the positive. Atal is a beast RB, Mukiele and Konaté bring a lot of pace and physicality to the central defence. In midfield, we have three all-rounders in Kamara, Gerson and Aouar, rarely seen for the price. In attack, Saint-Maximin is of course the gem, his pace and 5-star skills are feared throughout FUT. Delort is a physical monster with a good shot and decent pace.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: 50k OP Starter Team
We move straight into the next price category. Here we have a LaLiga and Bundesliga hybrid consisting of FC Barcelona, Eintracht Frankfurt, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund.
This team has so much talent and skill, it's unbelievable. Pedri and Nkunku (5 Star Skills) are making a real impact. Nkunku will be the most expensive card, but you have to invest something for success. If you have a lot of coins at your disposal, you can also field Manuel Neuer instead of Kevin Trapp.

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: 100k OP Starter Team
Now we come to an insane team with which you can enter the Weekend League without a guilty conscience. You can also exchange certain clubs or nations, but the axis Dembélé, Valverde and Tomori should remain. If you still have coins left, then throw out the Arsenal faction and replace the players with, for example, Chelsea stars Aubameyang, Pulisic (Sterling), Fofana and Mendy (Kepa).
Tomori is simply the best English central defender in FUT 23. Theo Hernandez is a bench as LV, and that Dembélé is really sick in FIFA, we don't need to explain that anymore. Tomori, Hernandez and Dembélé alone will be extremely expensive – but you can't do much better in their respective positions. (Icons, Heroes and other special cards excluded, of course).