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FIFA 21 Gameplay Seemingly Leaks

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Aug 25, 2020
Gameplay from FIFA 21 appears to have leaked onto Twitter, teasing some new features and an updated UI. A 'FIFA 21 Beta' Twitter account surfaced yesterday, posting a variety of clips and screenshots from the game to the platform. A 'FIFA EA Play' watermark appears to move around the screen during the footage, suggesting these clips may have leaked from a preview event linked to EA's most recent showcase.

— تسريبات FIFA21 (@FIFA21Betaa) July 25, 2020
The footage shows off an updated, purple-hued UI for this year's instalment, which is comparable to the colours used in the official FIFA 21 Twitter branding.

— تسريبات FIFA21 (@FIFA21Betaa) July 25, 2020
It also appears that there have been changes made to the advantage system (as can be seen in the image above), and the account shows a series of what appear to be updated player faces for Liverpool, Manchester City and Real Madrid players. Other tweets show gameplay, which looks expectedly similar to last year's edition, and lists of celebrations. The leaks appear to stem from a "FIFA Producer Tour" build of the game, and the title screen notes that this is a pre-release build of the game, rather than a leaked demo. It's unclear from the footage whether this is a current-gen or next-gen version of the game, although it looks strikingly similar to FIFA 20.

— تسريبات FIFA21 (@FIFA21Betaa) July 25, 2020
In other FIFA 21 news, we recently got a glimpse into how the game will make anticipated changes to its Career Mode for this year's instalment. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

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