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PlayStation PC Fall Guys update removes back-to-back team games

  • Staff
A new update for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, released Thursday morning, focuses on addressing some pain points highlighted by the community.

The server-side update mainly focuses on team games, in which players randomly get put together with other Fall Guys, and the weakest team gets eliminated. As of Thursday, players will never have to play two team games back to back, giving some agency back to the players.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic also reduced the timer for two of the most frustrating games — Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble — both of which revolve around grabbing tails from other players. Now they only last 90 seconds, the same as solo Tail Tag.

One of Fall Guys’ most hectic finale minigames, Fall Mountain, will now only come up if there are fewer than 15 players still in the match. Finally, the Valve-specific costumes — like Team Fortress’ Scout — are now available on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 version of Fall Guys.

This new update is currently live on both PS4 and Windows PC.



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