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Fall Guys: Over 100 Essential Tips to Survive Every Round

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Aug 25, 2020
Fall Guys is deceptively simple - both in how it plays, and the goals that you and 59 other goofy little beans will fight for. Despite this, it has already become apparent that players will do anything to win the coveted crown. With 24 different stages and pitfalls around every corner, you'll need more than luck to come out on top - and we're here to help. We've compiled tons of tips, tricks, and lesser known pointers on how to have a fighting chance in Fall Guys, though be warned - even the best tips don't always prepare you for a giant banana hurtling towards your face.
General Tips and Tricks

Though each round is different and may require different tactics to qualify, there are a couple universal tips you should always try to keep in mind:
  • Chaos always wins. Yes it's a bit of grand statement, but it does ring true. Like an unexpected Chance Time in Mario Party, or playing Smash Bros. with items on - you'll need to expect the unexpected. Fall Guys is a party game - the type of party game where no matter how good your skills are, having another player rag doll into you after getting slammed by an obstacle can decisively upset your best laid plans. Sometimes you'll see chaos brewing ahead of time, and sometimes a clingy competitor will drag you down without any warning. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is assume you'll get screwed over at any point in a round, and be ready to adapt as quickly as you can.
  • In almost every type of round, clusters of players are always bad news. In certain situations, taking the road less traveled can help your chances even if it takes a bit longer to traverse. Otherwise, it may only take one stray obstacle or a grabby player to cause a massive pile up, and this can significantly slow you down as you spend precious seconds rolling around on the floor.
  • Before you spend time showboating at the goal line to taunt or grab other players, it's worth knowing that your placing in races can affect how many points you'll earn after the episode is over. You can spot messages like "Top 20%" if you score well enough. If you're just interested in getting through a round alive, then feel free to wait out certain hazards rather than risking a fall by trying to be in first place.
  • Never underestimate another player's ability to ruin your day. Not everyone is committed to being a jerk, but you should suspect anyone near you of being capable of grabbing you at the worst possible time - so don't give them that chance. Grabbing doesn't last forever, but the other player will usually anticipate you trying to pull away from them and right into a hazard, but you can try moving against them or to the side instead.
  • Never give up! This may seem obvious, but there are many times when it looks like there's no chance to qualify - but pushing onward anyway may just reward you if the people in front of you should slip up at the last moment, or get held back by griefers at the goal line.
[ignvideo url="https://www.ign.com/videos/2020/08/07/fall-guys-18-crucial-tips-and-tricks-to-help-you-win"] Check out even more tips and strategies to help win yourself a crown in the video above!
Dizzy Heights Tips

Dizzy Heights is often one of the first rounds you'll compete in during an episode, and because of this you'll often have to push ahead of large crowds of other players through the spinning platforms and ball obstacles.
  • Always follow the arrow directions indicated on the spinning platforms. Even if this means taking a slightly longer route, you'll move faster than trying to run against the direction indicated.
  • Avoid the yellow bumpers early on at all costs, as they'll push you back onto the spinning platforms. If you need to, try jumping from each platform to the next so you don't accidentally collide with a bumper when trying to enter the next spinning platform.
  • When you reach the long gauntlet of rolling balls, always be looking ahead to spot which avenues are clear and which have incoming hazards. Sometimes its worth taking shelter between the avenues for the moment until the rolling ball is passed, rather than ducking into another avenue only to be met with another ball you can't get passed.
  • Falling down from the second group of spinning platform isn't game over - especially when so many can qualify on a first round, but it's still better to avoid this trap. If you're in the middle of the pack, consider pausing or taking the path less traveled to avoid bumping into others and falling.
  • When you run up to the slope leading to last part of the course, be careful timing your jump to the large moving sections, as sometimes your character will make a small hop clearing the top of the slope, which can mess up your actual jump across the gap.
Hit Parade Tips

Hit Parade is also one of the more likely rounds you'll encounter at the start of an episode, and is designed to weed out the unworthy with a deluge of obstacles and perilous jumps - though you won't be able to fall to a permanent end.
  • Don't falter at the start of the race. If you happen to be placed in the front row, you'll have an easier time crossing the logs, but you should aim for them regardless. It's better to try and pick a less crowded route but you won't always have that luxury, and even falling down should quickly put you on the path to racing up the slope - don't slow down here!
  • The section with the turnstiles is probably the only area where going with the crowd actually helps - as its much easier to go with the flow than trying to push against it. For this reason you'll usually want to stick pushing the inner turnstiles on either side - and avoid trying to push on the last center turnstile where everyone will funnel into.
  • Not everyone will realize that the large gate at the end of the turnstiles has two spots on the far left and right that open up when the center becomes closed. If you are already near one of these sides, it's often better to go for than trying to push your way through the massive pile-up at the center.
  • Once you reach the slime slope at the end, avoid the obstacles at all costs - even if it means going sideways or slowing for a bit, as they'll bounce you back in the opposite direction. However, it is possible to get a boost from behind if you get another player coming up behind you while moving sideways. This can actually boost you across the slime at a fast rate and get you to the top that much quicker - it all depends on which direction you get hit from.
See Saw Tips

See Saw is another early round you may take part in where large crowds can either make or break your race to the finish across incredibly oversized tilting platforms.
  • Depending on a lot of factors, this round can either be incredibly easy or incredibly frustrating, as the platform stability is always determined by the crowd. At the start you can try to keep to the center of the see saws, but eventually you'll have to pick a side - and try to pick a road less traveled.
  • A lot of times you'll come to a see saw that's already wildly skewed to one side, and it's important to realize when trying to climb on will just waste your time. Rather than being sent back to a checkpoint, it may be better to wait for some players to fall off or get to the other side before making an attempt yourself.
  • A lot of see saws are placed right before check points (look for the blue flags). Since you'll often be slowly climbing up to the checkpoint platform on a skewed see saw, be sure and look for opportunities to jump and dive over the railing to the next platform, saving you precious seconds otherwise spent slowly walking up the slope.
  • Other players can and will take advantage if you trying to act as a counterbalance. Sometimes if there's not a lot of people behind you, it's totally fine to wait out a tilted see saw to start flattening to move to the next platform, but other times you may find yourself stuck as other players race across and tilt things back before you can move. It's important to recognize that a certain point you're going to have to make a move, or risk getting left behind forever.
  • At the final group of see saws, be sure to survey your landing spot on the platforming leading to the goals, as some players have been known to try grabbing and pushing off players leaping off the last see saws!
Door Dash Tips

A true game show challenge, Door Dash will pit you against a gauntlet of identical-looking doors, and trick you into colliding with fake doors or funneling you into the real ones to create some huge traffic jams.
  • Depending on your positioning at the start of the round, you can either try and be a trailblazer and try to discover the real doors, or play it safe and hang just a few steps behind the front runners to see if you need to pivot. Early on there should be enough safe doors to easily find a real door, but later on, taking too long may put you at the back of the main pack and make it harder to get in a qualified range.
  • When approaching a congested door full of bodies, you may have better luck taking a diving leap over the heads of other players. Even if someone jumps and hits you, it may just send you rocketing over the door entirely.
  • Each real door will break apart and send debris spilling out into the next section. Depending on your moves, this may end up hindering you and making you trip if you get caught up in it - but you can also jump and bounce off the door pieces to get an extra boost.
  • Only one of the final doors is real. If you're the first one, it may be better to try for the center one, as you'll only need to pivot to either side to get to the real door that someone else is likely to find. If you hit a side door and find a fake, you may have to move all the way to the other side to get to the real door, which can take too much time.
  • Always jump and dive through the final door, as you'll want to put as much space between you and the other players all falling down to the final stretch. Nothing is worse then getting dog-piled on the second you land by more players from above.
Gate Crash Tips

Gate Crash is the other side of the coin to Door Dash, and features a long course of raising and falling gates you'll need to cross over at the right time.
  • At the start of the race, the two gates on the side will raise and lower before the middle one does, so be sure to take your starting position into account for which gate to head to first.
  • Once you have an idea of your speed and how long it takes to reach the next gate, you can start to look for which gates that have already raised up, and will be lowering by the time you get to them. If you can run at the point between two gates to quickly pivot to the one that has the better chance of crossing.
  • If it looks like you're going to reach a gate right as it begins to raise, jump and dive, and you're likely to hit the top and be catapulted over to safety, and it may even give you a boost as you rag-doll forwards.
  • The row of gates second to last before the slime slope usually have two center gates moving up and down, and two outer gates that only move down after the center ones have gone down twice - so plan accordingly from a distance.
  • Once you reach the slime slope, try and target the gate that's fully extended up or close to it, as it's likely to be closing or almost closed by the time you get to the bottom and jump. If none of them are at the top, you can either wait a few moments at the top, or if you're already sliding, try and move sideways to buy some time - it's better to slow down than hit a gate and have to start again.
The Whirlygig Tips

The Whirlygig is another front-runner for a likely first round, and its deceptively simple race will likely weed out a lot of contestants quickly unless you know what to do.
  • The biggest threat at the start is timing your jumps to the spinning obstacles - and the second biggest threat is all the players who don't react fast enough. It's frustratingly easy to clear one of the early jumps - only for a wave of other players to wash over you and send you sprawling to the side.
  • Make sure to use the yellow conveyor belt to get a speed boost for a running jump to the two yellow blocks you can use to jump up to the first whirlygig. If you miss or the yellow blocks are overflowing with people, remember you can hold the grab button to cling onto the upper platform and pull yourself up. It takes a few moments, but its better than repeatedly failing to jump across.
  • Try and aim for the left sides of the whirlygig gates - there's a better chance of getting knocked slightly forward into the right post than getting completely knocked aside. You can also try to angle yourself to get knocked up and over the netting as a sort of shortcut.
  • In the final push, the center path may seem a bit too risky with the fast whirlygig, but at best you'll get a straight shot to the finish, and at worst you'll either get tripped up and hit the checkpoint, or get knocked to one of the right-most platforms and either get up, or fall down but still respawn at the checkpoint.
  • Keep your field of view panning for any spinning hazards coming up from behind - especially at the last spinning platform. The fan moves so slow that you'll want to take your time lining up a jump and dive, and that means being patient enough to wait for the next spinning hazard to jump over before making your move.
Slime Climb Tips

The Slime Climb is a deceptive race that's more about survival than anything else, as you try to keep ahead of the rising tide of goo below you.
  • Though it's listed as a race, the qualifying numbers are incredibly forgiving, and will change as people are eliminated. For that reason, don't feel pressured to outpace your competitors - you only need to outpace the slime below.
  • You can actually bounce off the first two bumpers below the first row of moving blocks - and it can help you get a head start and put you ahead of the crowd jostling for space between the blocks. Just make sure you don't bounce into the side of the bumper and get knocked back.
  • It's actually possible to grab onto the sides of the moving blocks and pull yourself up - which can let you hop across them rather than moving in between. However, this route can be risky if the block is already moving back by the time you get up top.
  • The second row of moving blocks have pits in between them, but you can actually jump up from the first pit and save time rather than rounding the long corner.
  • Note that the second moving block moves at an irregular pace - you'll want to be sure you can move across both without getting pushed, as getting pushed down from the second block can be fatal.
  • As you get to the slime-covered areas near the top, avoid the edges at all cost. Given how slippery the areas are, it won't take much to bounce you to the edge and over without warning. It's better to move slow and pass each obstacle one at a time, rather than making a mad dash for the finish.
Fruit Chute Tips

The Fruit Chute is pure chaos distilled into its simplest form: A running gauntlet against hordes of giant delicious bouncing projectiles.
  • Your competitors are double edged swords here. On the one hand, getting too close to other players runs the risk that they'll collide into you if hit by an object and send you tumbling down with them. However, running behind and a bit to the side can sometimes mean using other players as a shield to take the hit while you dodge around them - avoiding the fruit entirely.
  • The center of the conveyor belt is extremely hazardous, as its where the bulk of the fruit tumble down - as well as a fast moving log that can come rocketing down. If not overly crowded, the sides can prove a somewhat easier path up, and limited cover from some of the barriers.
  • Once you get close enough to the top, you can leap the last few feet and dive to spend less time running out of the conveyor belt, and more time running to the goal.
Roll Out Tips

Roll Out perfectly encapsulates the classic log rolling survival game with the added bonus of large gaps and barriers to keep you on your toes.
  • Whenever possible, try to avoid jumping and/or diving during this round. It will only increase your chances of stumbling and falling over the side before you can regain your balance.
  • Always pan your camera around back and forth to see which sections of the platforms are coming up both on your current platform and the one you plan to move to next, along with any gaps or hazards you'll want to take into consideration.
  • Generally speaking, there are two big strategies to consider: find two platforms to walk between and keep things simple, or constantly be on the move going from one end of the log to the other. The former will help you keep some stability and move very little, but the latter will help you constantly move away from any problem players that may like to get grabby or trip you up.
  • Parts of the moving platform will have large walls - when they first appear coming up from below, they can effectively be used as a safety net when trying to get to the next platform.
  • Remember that unlike Block Party, Roll Out only ends when enough people have fallen. This can get dangerous when some players try to speed things up by actively pushing and grabbing, so try to space yourself out whenever possible.
Block Party Tips

Block Party will show you the hole in the wall, and have you constantly dashing back and forth to escape certain doom and race down the clock.
  • Unlike Roll Out, Block Party counts both eliminations and the clock - though you're more likely to run out of time before players. Don't get hung up on trying to shove people around (unless your into that sort of thing) as you can easily run down the clock with a bit of practice.
  • Try standing somewhat close to the front, and tilt your camera in a way that lets you see below your position - that way you can see which blocks will appear, and move accordingly well before they reach you. Staying near the front also gives you more time to react - but don't stand so close that other people can nudge you over.
  • Don't underestimate the low hazard's ability to trip you up and even carry you all the way off the edge. Likewise, standing near other people who get tripped up can spill over to you, which is why spacing is important.
  • Spacing is also important here if you notice any players getting overly grabby. Most times they'll only try to stop you from jumping - but so long as they value their own self preservation, you should have time to move afterwards.
  • In rare instances, a few long column blocks may appear, followed by a lengthwise block at the back in an effort to box you in and push you off. Always be aware of what's coming next to give yourself time to react accordingly.
Perfect Match Tips

One of the more subdued rounds, Perfect Match is all about stepping on the right panel to match the fruit displayed before the other panels disappear.
  • Contrary to how the arena looks, you don't need to jump between panels. Despite the gap, you can walk or even stand between panels in the time leading up to their removal.
  • Try to position yourself at a cross-section of different fruit panels so you can easily remember which direction to step in when the time comes - and you won't have far to step either.
  • Avoid trying to leap to the correct panel if others are already on it. Given the rate at which your little bean characters like to get knocked over and ragdoll, you don't want to be bouncing around when the other panels disappear.
  • You can gain an advantage by playing with a group of up to 4 - and communicate while stepping on different fruit tiles for easy memorization. If you don't have a group and forget the tiles... just follow the nearest group and hope they all know what they're doing!
Tail Tag and Royal Fumble Tips

Both a team and solo sport, you'll need to wrestle away the limited quantities of tails for yourself and have it on when time runs out.
  • Like many team rounds, how you do may not even effect how your team fares in the end, but there are ways to give your team the winning edge.
  • Everyone has the same running speed, so in order to catch someone you're going to need to cut corners, or break off an anticipate their moves to cut off escape routes.
  • Holding down grab will slow your run speed - only use it when you know you're going to be in range, or you're just going to let them escape your clutches.
  • If you already have a tail for your team and see a team member chasing someone else, hold them down by grabbing onto them for your teammate to get the tail - then get out of there!
  • each of the tail matches all have one thing in common - nothing matters until the last 30~ seconds. You only qualify based on who has the tails at the end, not how long you've had them for, so don't feel pressured to get one early on if you think you'll have a tough time outpacing your opponents.
  • Both Tail Tags and the Royal Fumble have different map layouts - its worth getting to know them all. The Solo Tail Tag has 8 bridges leading up to one giant spinning mallet. The Team Tail Tag has a central mound, and each side is on a raised platform with smaller spinning mallets. The Royal Fumble has an isolated raised platform with a mallet, and swinging obstacles on all sides - plus a one-way ramp at the back.
  • Many of the spinning mallets offer relative safety at their center that can deter people coming to grab your tail - if you can get in close. You can also use the mallets themselves as a quick escape tool, as many of them can send you flying off in a random direction that will be hard for your pursuer to follow. The only downside is you'll be stunned and at the mercy of anyone close to your landing spot - if anyone notices.
  • Pan your camera constantly to view places that pursers can come and get you from. Some areas on higher ground offer less avenues that can be easier to watch, and you'll be able to jump down if and when people do notice you.
Fall Ball Tips

A Rock 'em Sock 'em Soccer match, Fall Ball will pit two teams to score as many goals from two giant soccer balls on the field at a time.
  • Every team needs a goalie - no matter how big or small your team is. Look to your goal post: Do you see a goalie? If not, congratulations, you're now the goalie!
  • Jumping and/or diving to headbutt the ball can give it a significant boost, but it will also stun you for a few moments, and can give your opponents the advantage to hit back while you're rolling around. Use the dive wisely to boost the ball when you know it won't be immediately countered.
  • Offense can be just as important as defense, and so can interference. If your chasing down an opponent and unable to get in front of them, you can also try grabbing and pulling them back while your teammates get the ball back in your control.
  • Make sure to have someone positioned in the center when someone scores a goal. Watch for the shadow of the next ball dropping - if you jump and headbutt it at the right moment, you can quickly score a goal before the other team can react with just one shot!
  • Some matches will change things up by dropping in footballs instead of soccer balls - and they'll be harder to kick around than a sphere. Keep a special eye out for a golden egg: whichever team scores with it will earn 5 whole points!
Rock 'N' Roll Tips

Another team-based and ball-centric round, Rock 'N' Roll will see which team can shove a ball down a hole first.
  • Unfortunately a lot can go wrong with this round that you can't predict or even help correct. If some of your team abandons the push at the start, or too many abandon you at the end, you may find yourself in a losing battle. Coordination is key in this round.
  • Once you push your ball to the last section, it'll be a free-for all to the slope down to the goal. Expect other players to already be moving to forcibly stop your ball from rolling down before it can get much traction. In order to stop this, you'll need to have some of your team pushing, while others pry the other players off your ball by grabbing and pulling them backwards so that they can't influence the ball.
  • If you think your team has your own ball covered (or you're coordinating with the group), you can also inflict the same frustration on others by moving to block other teams from progressing by standing it the path of the ball, and pushing it to the walls where it will be harder to get it back on track.
Egg Scramble Tips

Egg Scramble is when Hungry Hungry Hippos meets chicken eggs - and lot of angry flailing bean boys trying to hoard them in their team's hole.
  • Remember that you don't have to explicitly win this round - your team just has to not come in last. It can be cruel, but the easiest path to victory is often mercilessly picking on one team and making sure they have next to no eggs left by the end.
  • Gold Eggs are worth 5 points each - prioritize these if possible, but don't waste the whole match trying to get one if you can get other eggs in the meantime.
  • If you already have gold eggs in your coop, you can literally babysit them by holding onto them or pushing them under you to fend off others looking to steal from your team.
  • To save time, look for the spinning mallets that can help knock in eggs into your base for you, letting you drop them and go back into the fray earlier.
  • It's hard - but not impossible - to leap out of a base with an egg in hand, especially with other players crowding the coops. If you see an opportunity, you can also jump and let go of your egg to send it over the edge and then jump up unhindered.
  • Similarly, standing on the ledge of your base is a good way to defend it - letting other players waste time trying to pick up eggs and jump up only for you to block their escape, and toss any eggs they drop straight back in!
Hoarders Tips

Hoarders is a lot like Egg Scramble, except the eggs are giant volleyballs, and there's not a lot of room to keep them safe from other teams.
  • Just like Egg Scramble - you don't have to be first, you just can't afford to be last. If it comes down to stealing from either team, take the balls from the team that's already hurting to give yourself a better chance at staying in the game.
  • The ridges that border each team's regions make for good defensive spots to both stop balls being pushed out, but also to sit on an enemy's ridge and push back any balls being shoved into their territory and back into yours.
  • Don't get too comfortable when you are up by several points. Similar to Tail Tag or Egg Scramble, the odds can change very rapidly in the last few moments, so don't let up and make sure as many of your team's balls are as far from the borders as possible as the seconds tick down.
Hoopsie Daisy Tips

A tricky team battle, Hoopsie Daisy will require you and your crew to jump, hop, and dive through more floating hoops than the other teams to win.
  • Overcrowding can lead to your downfall. It can become easy to find yourself in a constant state of hopelessly chasing down hoops that other players are closer to. Instead, try and run to areas where other players are not - up ramps, on the spinning platform, or through the center to get a better chance of being the closest to an incoming hoop.
  • Hoops can appear on all sides of the raised slopes, and offer a vantage point that can be good for scoping out overlooked hoops.
  • Though tricky, if you know you won't be able to reach a hoop and are right behind a player, you can try running interference and grabbing onto them until one of your team can swoop in to jump through on your behalf.
  • If a hoop appears next to a ramp, even on the low side, it can likely only be dived through from higher ground - some players may try to approach it from the ground, but if you race around to the slope first, you can reach it first.
Jinxed Tips

Jinxed is an ultimate form of zombie tag - avoid the infected, unless you've become one - in which case, tag all of the opposing team first to win!
  • When the round starts, only one player on each team will be "jinxed". Use this time to try and scope out which enemy is jinxed and keep your distance as the number of jinxed people spread.
  • If you're jinxed, remember to try cutting corners or looking for shortcuts to get the drop on unsuspecting victims. Chasing them in straight line won't do you any favors.
  • You can also provide defense for your team once jinxed by blocking and protecting teammates who aren't jinxed - grabbing and pushing them back to give your allies a chance to run.
  • Certain areas of the arena provide limited access, and as long as you plan your escape accordingly, you can try waiting in a somewhat safe location before escaping when a jinxed opponent comes your way.
Tip Toe Tips

To pass the Tip Toe challenge, you must walk the true path - and find it before the rest of your competitors do or fall to your doom.
  • Completing this round is a true balancing act: moving to hastily may send you down a hole right before the path to the end is found, but hanging back too far when the route is found won't give you enough time to catch up with such a small percentage of qualifiers.
  • Don't be fooled by different shaded tiles or those that are slightly raised or lowered - the only indication you'll ever get of a false tile is the slight rumble you might spot from time to time.
  • Correct tiles will only turn a brighter shade for a limited time - do your best to memorize the locations should most of the other players move past them.
  • Since it is highly unlikely that someone will find the correct path at the start - don't be afraid to blaze ahead to try and find an early path.
  • As you get closer to the end, people are likely to huddle up and start pushing and shoving to get someone to "test" the next spaces - make sure you're not one of them, unless you're willing to risk a fall.
  • You can jump the gap of one tile - which you can use to create shortcuts if they are found. If you find yourself close to the end, you may even be able to get a running start and jump the last tile to the goal platform - just getting to the goal is enough, you don't need to actually set foot on it.
Jump Club Tips

Like a classic Mario Party mini-game, Jump Club will have you hopping for your life to survive a grueling gauntlet of avoiding spinning logs as they get faster and faster.
  • Think of the arena like a clock, with the two hands spinning clockwise at different speeds. You're going to need to time your jumps well - but the real test will be trying to jump the hurdles before the clock hands overlap - creating a near-impossible barrier to get through.
  • The more people you're stuck with in this stage, the harder things will get. It's easy to get crowded by other players who may try and stop you from jumping, or rag doll into you if they miss their jumps and cause you to stumble as well - so try and space yourself out while keeping a watchful eye for when the barriers overlap.
  • Try to stand near the center of the length of the platform. In the event you do get stuck and are hit by the barrier, you may be able regain your footing and still jump over, but if you get hit near the edges of the platform you're more likely to be pushed off.
  • On rare occasions, sections of the circular platform may begin to slowly crumble and fall - keep a lookout for any shaking sections to know if this will happen, and move to a different section as fast as you can.
Fall Mountain Tips

One of the three finales, Fall Mountain is a simple race to the finish to see who can avoid the torrent of hazards to grab the floating crown at the top.
  • This stage is short as it is painful, and unfortunately this means its very hard to make a comeback unless all the other players equally suffer. The winner will likely have to perform a flawless run up the mountain.
  • Not every player will make it to the top, and when they do they may not remember you need to grab and hold onto the crown to win! For this reason, don't give up until the very end, as the person in the lead may fumble and fall onto the conveyor belt below.
  • When going up the first part of the slope, alternate between the inside and outer routes when possible to duck around both the incoming balls and the turnstiles avoid getting hit. Though the turnstiles can sometimes give you a boost from behind, they may also cause you to trip and fall, costing precious seconds.
  • When you reach the spinning mallets, aim to the left of the ones spinning clockwise, or the right of ones spinning counter-clockwise. It's better not to get hit at all, but if you have to, you might as well get a nudge in the right direction rather than getting pushed back.
Hex-A-Gone Tips

Another of the finales, Hex-A-Gone is the ultimate cross-section of strategy and pure chaos as you try to outlast your rivals on tiers of disappearing platforms.
  • A lot of this match is all about trying your best to stick to a plan, and adapting when that plan inevitably falls apart. Other players can try and cut you off, fall into you from above, or collide into you without warning, and you'll need to be ready to react and change your plans quickly.
  • Always keep your camera panning to see what's below you. Even if you find the perfect section of hexagons to slowly move across by yourself, you're eventually going to have to drop to the section below, and not planning where you want to drop down to could easily lead to you falling several sections too far - or right into the slime.
  • Early on, try to carve out a section of hexagons for yourself - running in giant circles or sections to create a barrier of at least two hexagon spaces so others can't run near you. Once you are mostly certain nobody on your tier will be trying to interrupt you, try slowing down and jumping from tile to tile - rather than running at top speed.
  • If you can help it, try not to jump or dive when you know you'll be going down a level - as it will cause you to stumble when reaching the lower platform. If you can drop down while standing, you'll hit the next section and be able to move quickly without fear or rag-dolling.
  • That said, you can always cross a gap of one hexagon tile with a jump and a two-space gap if you jump and dive, but you'll need to be careful with your timing.
  • If another player starts to run alongside you in an attempt to cut off your flow of tiles, look for escape routes to veer off to - you don't want to get stuck trailing someone, as you'll be fighting a losing battle. If you're ahead of them, try to force them towards a gap that you can render uncrossable by jumping over first.
  • If you are on the bottom tier with another player and you know it's down to the two of you, try to take things as slow as you can. Even when you run out of room, jump at the very last moment, and then dive to get that much more air time - sometimes that's the only thing that can decide the winner if you both fall at the same time!
And there you have it - over 100 tips, tricks, and tactics for surviving every round of Fall Guys. It's important to remember our first tip - even if you do everything right, chaos can still reign supreme, so don't feel bad if you don't win the crown, maybe next time chaos will favor you instead! [poilib element="accentDivider"] Brendan Graeber is a Guides Editor for IGN, and spent years of his life winning Mario Party minigames to prepare for this moment. Let him know if you've personally screwed him over in a Fall Guys round on his Twitter @Ragga_Fragga.

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