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Evidence of Elden Ring DLC Mounts Indicate New Bosses Are Incoming


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Mar 16, 2022
After the monumental success of Elden Ring, DLC is a no-brainer, yet developer FromSoftware has remained typically tight-lipped on the matter. Evidence has been mounting for some time now, but new files have been added following the title's v1.07 update last month, which adds further fuel to the fire.

Dataminer sekirodubi has been doing the Elden Lord's work, delving into the darkest recesses of the game's code and tantalising us Tarnished with tasty tidbits.
The updated files allegedly contain references to the following:
--New hair cosmetics
--Six new weapons
--A new arena map named Colosseum
--Up to 30 new bosses
--16 NPC/Boss entries called “Someone Yet Unseen”
The Colosseum, in particular, is something that fans have been theorising will be added to the game ever since its launch. This makes sense since there are multiple such structures scattered about The Lands Between, and all are currently inaccessible.

On the new bosses front, sekirodubai notes that it is highly unlikely that 30 new bosses will come to the game; instead, 30 spots have been left open for that eventuality, if needed. We will just have to cross our fingers and hope we hear more in the near future. Cross your severed fingers that Geoff Keighley has secured the goods for The Game Awards!
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