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Elden Ring Player Survives Insane Fall Off Stormveil Castle


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Mar 16, 2022
An Elden Ring player was pleasantly surprised after surviving a long fall from the top of Stormveil Castle. Elden Ring is widely recognized for its high difficulty and tough boss fights. There have been over nine billion in-game deaths in Elden Ring so far, with most coming from enemy encounters. However, 14% of deaths in Elden Ring are due to falling. Luckily for this player, they did not become part of the statistic.
Stormveil Castle is one of the legacy dungeons found in Elden Ring. For many, it is the first one they will encounter on their journey to become Elden Lord. Legacy dungeons are special areas home to shard bearers. Stormveil is the stronghold of Godrick the Grafted, and although players can obtain Godrick's Great Rune after defeating him, this area is completely optional. The castle sits high atop Stormhill's cliffs, and traversing the terrain can prove difficult, leading to many deaths for unfamiliar players.
One Elden Ring player, known as leehvin, posted a video to Reddit showing them leaping from the top of Stormveil Castle and miraculously surviving the plunge into the depths below. In the video, the player runs through one of the most dreadful sections of Stormveil Castle. This is a part made infamous due to the incredibly aggravating Warhawk enemies found in this location. After they made their way through the enemies, leehvin jumped off the edge of the castle just barely missing their mark on the landing platform. After falling for a long time, the player somehow landed on their feet at the bottom of the castle without suffering any damage.
Many players have flooded the video comment section with questions about how this was possible. Apparently, that particular platform does not register fall damage. This is because the character is supposed to land there from an enormous height, albeit from a different jumping point. The player got lucky, missing the first platform and ending up at the bottom. They skipped the conventional way down but arrived at the same destination which allowed them to survive the fall. There are a handful of other platforms found in Elden Ring that alter fall damage and allow players to traverse significant drops without consequence. However, this player's accidental discovery is both satisfying and nerve-wracking.
While it may seem like a small victory, surviving a long fall in Elden Ring is a rare achievement. Elden Ring's unforgiving difficulty is one of its defining features. It requires players to take calculated risks and explore every inch of the game's world. Leehvin's daring leap off Stormveil Castle is a testament to this, and it highlights the game's emphasis on experimentation and exploration. As players continue to brave the dangers of Elden Ring, it's exciting to see what other unexpected moments and feats they'll discover.
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