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Elden Ring Player Shares Helpful Trick to Kill Bell Bearing Hunter


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Mar 16, 2022
An Elden Ring player shares a neat trick that may help users in defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter boss. Elden Ring features many difficult bosses and mini-bosses, as fans will encounter a wide variety of tough enemies that will test their skills.
Despite the difficulty of the game, many Elden Ring gamers have shared useful tricks and pieces of advice that can help other players in overcoming its many challenges. As an example, one user showcased a video highlighting the low sleep resistance of the many trolls in Elden Ring. With just a single swing of the St. Trina's Torch, this player was able to put both trolls to sleep, allowing them to safely procure the item from the chest. Now, another gamer has shared a neat trick that may help users in killing the Bell Bearing Hunter.
A Reddit user named BoopNotFound has shared a small clip of their fight against the Bell Bearing Hunter boss in Elden Ring. The video opens with the player parrying the boss and landing a critical strike on the enemy, and while it barely deals any damage, it pushes the Bell Bearing Hunter closer to the nearby edge. With another perfectly timed parry and a few more hits, BoopNotFound is able to push the enemy off the cliff, with the words “Enemy Felled” appearing on the screen.
BoopNotFound bows in front of the camera and switches to the status screen to show their stats, confirming that they were at level 5 when this fight took place. So, it seems like players don’t need to be at a high level in Elden Ring to use this tactic and kill the Bell Bearing Hunter boss. Irrespective of the method used, BoopNotFound received a massive 50,000 runes for defeating the Bell Bearing Hunter, which will allow them to level up several times in Elden Ring.
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