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Elden Ring Phantom Stalker PVP Build Makes You Invisible


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Mar 16, 2022
One Elden Ring player has created a PVP build called the “Phantom Stalker” which allows players to become partially invisible, and here’s how you can make this build!
Most of Elden Ring’s player base will mainly play for the story, but there are many players who enjoy the PVP content.
While the Player versus Player aspect of Elden Ring does have a meta, with some weapons being better in Elden Ring’s PVP than others, some players are creating unique builds.
Similar to the hilarious Burn Victim build we saw recently, another player has created a build that can make PVP more fun and interesting.
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Elden Ring’s Phantom Stalker Build Explained
The Phantom Stalker build makes you partially invisible in Elden Ring,Not only that, but it can stop enemy players from locking on to you, making you more difficult to hit.
This build focuses on INT, alongside a higher VIGOR, so you can survive against strong weapon skills the enemy may throw at you.
Before we get into how to make this build, it’s worth noting that you need to cast the Assassin’s Gambit Ash of War before casting Unseen Form. This will ensure that the enemy can’t lock on.

The creator of the build, u/Mini_B3ast, shared his stats for the build below. To get these exact stats, you’ll need to be level 180.
--46 Vigor
--30 Mind
--20 Endurance
--18 Strength
--18 Dexterity
--68 Intelligence
--42 Faith
--17 Arcane
If you need to respec into this build, you’ll need to beat Rennala. After that, you’ll need to make sure that you have some Larval Tears.
Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to find some gear.

Armor, Weapons, and Talismans
u/Mini_B3ast shared the gear that they use, which you can copy. If you’re missing some pieces, check out our associated guides!

+24 Magic-Infused Wakizashi + Raptor of the Mists

The Wakizashi can be found inside the Gaol Cave in west Caelid. Players need to access the locked cells, and the item can be found inside.
As for the Raptor of the Mists, you can get this by playing through the Bloody Finger Hunter Yura questline. Once you defeat his target in Raya Lucaria Academy, you’ll get the Ash of War.

+24 Staff of Loss
You can find the Staff of Loss in Sellia, Town of Sorcery. You can see this on the map below:
You’ll need to find a corpse leaning over a building’s balcony, which can be accessed by jumping across rooftops.

Any Dagger + Assassin’s Gambit
You can use any dagger, as the creator suggests, so long as you can put Assassin’s Gambit on it. You can get Assassin’s Gambit Weapon Skill from Knight Bernahl after fulfilling the first contract in the Volcano Manor questline.

Iron Roundshield + Carian Retaliation
The Iron Roundshield can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant southeast of Coastal Cave in west Limgrave.

Black Hood
This helmet can be found in the Sage’s Cave, behind an illusory wall. Sage’s Cave can be found in Altus Plateau, west of Wyndham Ruins, under the cliffs.
Head through the cave, and at one point you’ll see two braziers that are lit on either side of a random cave wall. Hit it, and an enemy will come towards you. After defeating them, head inside and you’ll find some chests. The Black Hood is here.

Night’s Calvary Armor Set
You’ll need to find these pieces of armor:

For the Armor set, you’ll need to head to the Consecrated Snowfield. From the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace, look southwest to find a caravan being pulled by two giants and two Night’s Cavalry escorts. Kill the escorts to get the armor.

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, Radagon’s Icon, Old Lord’s Talisman
For this build, the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman is optional. However, you’ll definitely need Radagon’s Icon and Old Lord’s Talisman.

Physick and Spells
You’re now on the last stretch of the Phantom Stalker Build! Before you can start using it in PVP though, you’ll need to get some more items!
Firstly, you’ll need to change your Physick. The two Crystal Tears you’ll be combining are the Opaline Hardtear and the Crimson Bubbletear.
Finally, you’ll need these spells to finish the Phantom Stalker build:
--Unseen Form – Found in Altus Plateau at the top of the Tower after completing the Mirage Rise puzzle
This location can be difficult to find, so follow this video guide below to help you get Unseen Form as well as the Unseen Blade:
--Ambush Shard – Found on a corpse in the underground jail of the Witchbane Ruins.
--Night Shard – Purchased from Gowry for 4,000 Runes after completing his quest line.
--Night Comet – Found in a chest in the central section of Sellia, Town of Sorcery. It is blocked by a barrier that can be dispelled by lighting a brazier atop a tower in the southwest of town.

With all of these, you should be ready to take on enemy players with your new Phantom Stalker build!


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