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Elden Ring - Everything You Should Do Before The New Plus Game


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Mar 16, 2022
If you've faced everything and completed your journey through The Lands Between, the next step in the Elden Ring is New Game +.

If you've fought Elden Beast and stepped out in glory, you may feel very delighted. You have completed the Elden Ring!

But what should you do now? Well, there's always the possibility to play the game again, with your current character and tougher enemies! Of course, if you feel like a challenge.

Before embarking on this second journey through The Lands Between, there are a few things you may want to clear up.

We will cover what you should do before entering NG + as well as what will be kept and how to start a New Game + in the Elden Ring!
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What Carries Over to the New Elden Ring +

-Current stats -Current
-Most gear (what you lose, we'll explain in a moment)
-The torrent
You will lose some key elements that are part of story development or ways to unlock shortcuts, Stone Sword keys, Great Runes and any Unlocked Places of Mercy.

It may seem like you are losing quite a few things, but since you are going to start your journey stronger than ever, you will surely get them back soon!

Everything to do before the Elden Ring's new Plus game
But there are a few things you should do before moving on to NG +! Here's what to do before the New Game Plus in the Elden Ring:

Get every Ancient Dragonsmithing Stone
As the items can be taken on a second journey, it would be a good idea to get any Ancient Dragonsmithing Stones. Whether or not you use them before starting New Game + is up to you.

Ancient dragon blacksmith stones raise your weapons to +25, making your weapons extremely powerful! It's worth catching as many as possible while you can!

Here's where you can find some of these Ancient Dragons' Blacksmith Stones:

Found on corpse under a hugging statue in Haligtree Miquelli.
From Gurranq to feeding him nine Deathroots. Alternatively, you can kill him to receive the Ancient Blacksmith Stone after killing Maliketh.
At the bottom of the Frozen Waterfall between the Giant's Peak and the Sacred Snowfield
As a reward for completing the Latenna storyline
These ancient dragon blacksmith stones will be extremely useful on your second journey!

Talk to every NPC and / or kill them to get the outfit
. Definitely optional and we do not order to kill NPCs in any way. But if you want, you can do it!

Talk to the NPCs for a bit of a follow-up story then kill them for any loot they have. As you enter the New Game +, they will all come back to life. Moreover, they won't even know what you did to them on their first trip.

But we know. We know.
If you start over with a new journey, you'll be able to start the quests from scratch, so there's no real penalty here.

Buy the things you need from the Twin Virgin
Scales. Purchased items and loot stay with you when you enter the new Plus game. But bell bearings are NOT transferred to NG +.

So make sure you spend all the runes you want on items from the Bell Bearings stores as they can be transferred. Just remember not to buy Stonesword Keys.