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Elden Ring: Best Armor For Poise Stat


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Mar 16, 2022
To avoid staggering in Elden Ring, you need to get an armor set with great Poise stats!
Understanding Elden Ring’s Poise stat gives you a significant advantage against in-game enemies and PvP.
However, dominating the theory about this stat is just a stepping stone. You need the proper equipment to get the best Poise stat that suits your playstyle.
These are the best armor sets you can use in Elden Ring to boost your poise stat!
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Best Armor Sets for Poise in Elden Ring
The first thing you need to know is that Poise is linked to the armor set you wear in Elden Ring.
For this reason, even though the highest Poise armor set is already determined, it does not mean this particular set works for your playstyle and character attributes.
To choose the proper Poise armor, you need to consider weight ratio and equip load to avoid getting an armor that is too heavy for your character!

How to Calculate Armor Weight Ratio in Elden Ring
Elden Ring weight system has four categories for Equip Load: Light (29.9%), Medium (30.0% – 69.9%), Heavy (70.0% – 99.9%), and Overloaded (100% or higher).
To calculate which armor set works better for your build, make sure your Equip Load is enough to make your armor fit in the medium category.
Here is an example of this calculation: Your total Equip Load is 42, and you want to wear Blaidd’s Set, which weighs a total of 32.7. This is 77.85% ([32.7/42] * 100) of your total Equip Load, which makes this armor set Heavy (70.0% – 99.9%)
To wield Blaidd’s Set comfortably on a Medium weight scale, you will need at least an Equip Load of 47, so the weight ratio of the set sits at 69.6%.
Now, these are the armors with the best Poise stat in Elden Ring without further-a-do!

Albinauric Set – Best Lightweight/Poise Armor
This armor set is suitable for builds that have low equip load capacity. Ideal for those who dominate Incantations and want a boost in Poise and Arcane.
This armor consists of:
--Albinauric Mask – You can find it near the Guest Hall Site of Grace in Volcano Manor
--Dirty Chainmail – Dropped by Albinaurics wearing a chest piece, you can find some near the Academy Gate Town in Liurnia of the Lakes
--Best Poise/Weight relation, sporting a 17 Poise stat with a mere weight of 12.6 for the whole set
--73 Robustness, which is that defensive stat that governs hemorrhage and frostbite
--The Albinuric Mask raises Arcane by 4 points
--Above-average VS Slash (15.9) and VS Pierce (15.2) defense
--Poor Magic, Fire, Lightning, and Holy resistances compared to other armors in its weight category
--Average VS Strike Defense (11.9), here is everything you need to know about Damage types in Elden Ring

Blaidd’s Set – Best Mid-Weight Armor for Poise
Aside from its unique aesthetics, this armor is the best mid-weight option for Poise.
This armor consists of:
--Black Wolf Mask – Found on top of the wall behind Seluvis Rise
--Blaidd’s Armor – Follow Ranni’s Quest until you give her the Dark Moon Ring; at this point, Blaidd will be at Ranni’s Rise and will become hostile after finishing his dialogue; defeating him gives you this armor piece
--Blaidd’s Gauntlets – Defeat Blaidd to get this armor piece
--Blaidd’s Greaves – Defeat Blaidd to get this armor piece
--Best Poise/Mid-weight relation, sporting a 51 Poise stat with a 32.7 weight for the whole set
--169 Robustness (hemorrhage and frostbite defense), which is excellent for a set of this weight
--Average Physical, Strike, Slash, and Pierce resistance
--Average Magic, Fire, and Lightning damage negation
--Slightly weaker Holy damage negation
--You only get it later in the game unless you defeat Blaidd earlier on, affecting Ranni’s quest

Veteran’s Set – Best Poise Heavy Weight Armor
This heavy armor offers the best Poise stats you can get in this weight category.
This armor consists of:
--Veteran’s Helm – You can purchase this armor from Enia at the Roundtable Hold for 4000 runes after defeating Commander Niall at Castle Sol in Mountaintops of the Giants
--Elden Ring Veteran’s Armor – Purchasable from Enia at Roundtable Hold for 6000 runes
--Veteran’s Gauntlets – Purchasable from Enia at Roundtable Hold for 4000 runes
--Veteran’s Greaves – Purchasable from Enia at Roundtable Hold for 4000 runes
--Best Poise/Heavyweight relation, sporting a 79 Poise stat with a 45 weight for the whole set
--Slightly Above-average Focus (110) for sleep and bouts of madness resistance
--Average Physical, Strike, Slash, and Pierce resistance
--Average Magic, Lightning, and Holy damage negation
--Slightly lower Immunity (150 vs 159) and Fire damage negation (30.7 vs 37.5) compared to the Tree Sentinel Set, which has the same weight
--You need to defeat Commander Niall, an optional Great Enemy-class boss, to get this armor set

Bull-Goat Set – Highest Poise/Weight Stat Armor in Elden Ring
The Bull-Goat set has the highest Poise stat in Elden Ring. However, there is a tradeoff; it is also the heaviest armor set in the game.
This armor consists of:
--Bull-Goat Helm – All these armor pieces are received after defeating Great Horned Tragoth by following Patches quest
--Bull-Goat Armor
--Gauntlets Bull-Goat
--Bull-Goat Graves
--Best Poise in the game with an impressive 100 stat
--Highest Physical, Strike, Slash, and Pierce resistance
--Average Fire, Magic, and Holy damage negation
--Best Lightning damage negation (31) in the game
--Second best Immunity (170) stat in the game
--Heaviest armor (63) in the game

These are the best sets you can get for Poise stats, depending on the weight you can carry!


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