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Xbox PlayStation EA working on Mass Effect trilogy remaster – report

  • Staff
It looks like EA’s mysterious game this year is a Mass Effect remaster.

This week, EA published the full year financials for its FY2020, and confirmed most of the games coming between now and March 2021. One such mystery is an unannounced project EA simply referred to as “HD game.”

The publisher didn’t specifically say anything about the project, not even hinting that it could be a remaster/remake of an old game. It turns out, at least according to Games Beat, the project is indeed a remaster.

At the very end of the site’s piece covering EA’s release, journalist Jeff Grubb revealed that the HD project is a remaster of the entire Mass Effect trilogy, though he did point out that it won’t be out on Nintendo Switch, at least not at launch.

It’s obviously unclear if that will take the form of three separate games or a single package, though Grubb’s comment seems to suggest the latter. Nonetheless, the concept is exciting for many reasons.

For one, Mass Effect has been the most requested series when it comes to remasters and remakes, something EA wasn’t initially interested in doing. That was at the start of this generation, however, and it seems the publisher is only now, at the end of the generation, finally realising the potential of such a release.

It is curious, however, that EA decided not to hype up the game in any way on the call to investors. Usually, when you’re sitting on a remaster of that calibre, you’d tease it a little bit. EA’s slate for FY2021 looks decidedly slim, so I can’t imagine why the company didn’t take that opportunity to get everyone excited.

In any case, its release being no later than March 2021 means it’s only a matter of time before official news drops. EA does have a digital event in June.



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