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EA FC 24 RTTK Team 2: Leaks Reveal Full Squad & SBCs


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Mar 16, 2022
The RTTK promo brings the first dynamic special cards to Ultimate Team in EA FC 24. We've got the RTTK tracker for all players who want to know what upgrades are coming and when. Leaks revealed the full RTTK Team 2 before it's official release.
Despite the name change from FIFA to EA FC, we still have gotten the very first, very popular set of special cards with the Road to the Knockouts campaign. The dynamic cards are waiting for their upgrades – we'll show you what upgrade you can expect for each player and when they will be inthegame.
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RTTK In EA FC 24: Road to the Knockouts Upgrades Explained
Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League: nothing is left out by EA. The Road to the Knockout cards are special cards of the superstars whose teams are participating in the respective tournaments. They are dynamic and can get two upgrades in total. Same procedure as every year.
These are the requirements:
Win Upgrade (+1 IF Upgrade): The featured player's club must win at least two of its remaining group stage matches
Qualification Upgrade (+1 IF Upgrade): Club qualifies for knockout stage
If you are wondering what an IF upgrade is: these upgrades are given to Team of the Week players and are better than normal upgrades. Players with a rating below 86 will receive a +2 OVR upgrade. For example, while André Silva will go from 85 to 87 OVR with his first upgrade, Luis Díaz will "only" go from 86 to 87.

RTTK Upgrade Tracker For EA FC 24
Upgrades will be activated in-game from the Friday of each match week. This signifies that RTTK players will receive their upgrades at the week's conclusion, either after their club secures their second Group Stage win or upon confirmed qualification for the next round in their competition.
You can see how many games are left and how many wins a player has already achieved in our tracker. Completed upgrades will be marked with a ✅, missed upgrades with a ❌. Players are sorted by their competition. This makes it easier for you to keep track.
Note that leaked players are in italics and could change. Their ratings are just a prediction by the leakers and they should be added over the next few days, Team 2 on Friday, another mini release on Sunday and we'll get new Objectives and SBCs.
EA said:Each Group Stage match won after September 29 will count towards the “Win 2” upgrade. With RTTK starting earlier in the UEFA competition cycle, players will have more matchdays than ever before to earn these two wins.
This would mean that upcoming players would already have a potential win before their release. This would be something new. But we are also not sure how this would work as RL9 would be extra expensive as Barcelona won against Porto for example.