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PC Dying Light 2 developer video goes over map size, grappling hook changes, and more

Techland has released the first episode of its AMA (Ask Me Anything) series for the upcoming Dying Light 2 game. According to the developer, it received over 9,000 submissions and have picked some of the most popular questions to answer this time around. Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektała responds to these questions in a Dying Light 2 developer video, giving us some insight on what to expect.

The map size of Dying Light 2 is almost double that of the first game. To be exact, the map will be approximately 6-7 square kilometers. Smektała also adds that this number doesn’t take into account the verticality of the world. The game will include hundreds of buildings with multiple floors and even skyscrapers further enlarging the playable area.

There will be no guns or firearms in Dying Light 2. Guns were extremely powerful in the first game which may have diminished the fear factor for some players. This time around, the focus will be on machetes, bows, and swords. However, players will be able to craft a handmade shotgun that has limited durability and will break if used too often.