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Dual Grief WW Barb in Diablo 2: Resurrected Ladder Season 2


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Mar 16, 2022
The dual grief build relies on sheer damage, since the Grief runeword adds extremely powerful direct damage to Whirlwind.The Grief runeword also provides great increased attack speed (IAS) property, which helps reaching max IAS breakpoint.
This helps Whirlwind deal max IAS damage. Since the build gets most of its IAS from dual grief, it focuses on other pieces which provide Crushing Blow (CB), Deadly Strike (DS) and Faster Cast Rate (FCR). Arreat's Face provides amazing overall power with Faster Hit Recovery (FHR), Resistances, Life Leech, +Skills and Attack Rating (AR) whereas Guillaume's Face provides the much needed Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike.
The build can surprisingly use Arachnid Mesh and Rare FCR Ring to reach 105 FCR breakpoint when switching to Dual Heart of the Oak offhand setup for 105 FCR teleports.
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The strengths of the Dual Grief WW Barbarian are as follows:
Very powerful AoE and Single Target damage on Players 8 scaled games.
Great survivability due to Shout and Iron Skin
High mobility due to having the same Faster Cast Rate (FCR) frames as Sorceress.
Great crowd control due to Howl
Indestructible weapons.
The potential weaknesses of the Dual Grief WW Barbarians are as follows:
Lack of Crushing Blow becomes visible when fighting Bosses in P8.
Very mana hungry build especially against P8 Bosses.
Less efficient sunder charm synergy.

Dual Grief WW Barb Gearset
- Grief main hand + Grief off hand on Phaseblade.
Helm - Arreat's Face provides the bonus attack rating, FHR, Life Leech, +Skills and great overall power.
Armor - For its amazing Teleport property and +2 all skills, we recommend using Enigma runeword.
Gloves - The dual grief setup has excessive IAS thanks to Grief runeword.
Belt - We recommend using the unique Arachnid Mesh belt which provides +1 to all skills and 20% FCR that allows the build to hit 105 FCR breakpoint on weapon switch.
Boots - For this build, both unique boots Gore Rider and Goblin Toe are great choices. Gore Rider does offer additional open wounds and deadly strike, which helps it become our recommended item.
Amulet - We recommend using the unique Highlord's Wrath amulet which provides +1 to all skills, Deadly Strike for more damage and 20% IAS that allows the build to hit IAS breakpoint.
Rings - Since Whirlwind Barbarian is a melee character, it needs a source of Cannot be Frozen. The unique ring Ravenfrost offers nice dexterity, attack rating and most importantly, Cannot be Frozen property. The other ring should be a Rare or Crafted ring with 10% FCR, dual life mana leech and resistances.
Charms - As for charms, the WW Barb naturally uses the unique Hellfire Torch and Annihilus.

Naturally, WW Barbs prefer +damage, +attack rating and +life small/large/grand charms for the rest of their inventory.


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