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Diablo II: Resurrected Season 3 Opens February 16th


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Mar 16, 2022
The new Ladder Season is coming, and with it there are some changes. One of the biggest changes is the scheduled introduction of eight new Rune Words with 2.6. These got a round of player testing recently, and are poised to make an impact on the results of Season 3 down the line.
There will be four different modes available just like previous seasons, Pre-Expansion Ladder and Pre-Expansion Hardcore Ladder feature play only within the original four acts. The Hardcore mode, of course, is the same, except with only one life for those who prefer the challenge. The other two modes are Ladder and Hardcore Ladder. This standard Ladder play will feature content from the Lord of Destruction expansion, and so feature five acts. Hardcore, once again, is that but with only one life.
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New Rune Words are coming to Ladder and Offline Single-Player to add some variety to strategies and open up the competitive meta. Most will give resistance buffs, but a few are targeted for speed or for certain builds.
Season 3 officially unlocks for North America at 5:00 PM PST on February 16th. Europe and Asia will get it a little later at 2:00 AM CET for Europe and 10:00 AM KST for Asia, both on February 17th.

As for those changes coming, they’ll affect Sundering Charms, the existing Rune Words, and new Horadric Cube recipes.
Sundering Charms will be dropping more frequently, as they’ll begin dropping from slain enemies in all non-Classic game modes. The already-included Rune Words and Horadric Cube recipes added back in Ladder Season 1 will be usable in non-Ladder online game modes.
As for the rest of Patch 2.6, Terror Zones are expanding to offline games. These will work on a different schedule, but you can also now get Sundering charms from offline games. The update includes a number of quality of life changes, bug fixes, and some mod support changes.


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