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Diablo 4 Trading: Blizzard Reverts Controversial Decision


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Mar 16, 2022
Blizzard and the Diablo 4 devs deactivated the trading function between players in the game. As stated in a blog post by Diablo 4 community manager "filthierich" this was "due to a gold and item duplication exploit". He also announced, that the team is already working on a fix for the problem and the situation would be monitored further.
Patch 1.1.2 was announced, but the trade functionality was still under review. Finally, a couple of hours ago community manager "PezRadar", announced the reactivation of the trade function in Diablo 4.
At the moment, there isn't any further information about the possible persecution or punishment for the exploit users, and it would be interesting to know how many items were duplicated during the bug's lifetime. Also, the amount of "new" gold would be interesting, since it could impact the economy of the game.
Unfortunately, bugs and exploits like this will always be part of gaming, since no game is perfect and the energy some people put into finding them is impressive.
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