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Diablo 4 Reverting Controversial Dungeon Change Details


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Mar 16, 2022
Diablo 4 update 1.1.0 has largely been considered a disaster, with fans complaining about nerfs to all the game's classes and various other changes that were made. One controversial change that had fans scratching their head was the Leave Dungeon cast time was increased from three seconds to five. Fans accused Blizzard of making this change simply to waste their time in the game, and while Blizzard has provided an alternate explanation for the decision, it has announced plans to revert it regardless.
Blizzard recently hosted another Campfire Chat for Diablo 4 to discuss the upcoming Update 1.1.1, expected to drop on August 8 with patch notes made available on August 2. During the Campfire Chat, it was confirmed that the next Diablo 4 update will return the channel time for the Leave Dungeon ability from five seconds back to three. It was explained that the change was made because the developers didn't want players abusing the ability to escape from boss fights or difficult enemy encounters.
This isn't the first time that Blizzard has made a change to Diablo 4 and then had to backpedal on it. For example, Diablo 4 added level requirements for World Tiers 3 and 4, which also upset members of the community. It didn't take long after implementing the change for Blizzard to confirm that it would be removing level requirements from the World Tiers.
While there will likely be many Diablo 4 fans who are happy to see Blizzard listen to feedback and adjust the game accordingly, there are many vocal fans who are upset that these changes happened to begin with. This may shake confidence that fans have in Blizzard and its long-term support of Diablo 4. However, Blizzard has shown a genuine desire to improve the Diablo 4 experience in future updates and future seasons. In fact, Blizzard is hiring a season lead designer, which could go a long way in improving the seasonal experience for fans of the action-RPG.
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