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Diablo 4 is running a bonus XP/gold event all this weekend


Wise Member
Mar 16, 2022
Good news, Diablo fans – Diablo 4 is running a bonus XP/Gold event, Mother's Blessing, to celebrate the (US - not for us in the UK, sadly) holiday weekend.
As Diablo's official Xitter account puts it, "only a fool refuses her bounty", which is a not-so-subtle hint to get stuck in and earn 25 per cent more XP and gold from now until 5th September.
"Rise, wanderer, and stand triumphant before your hoard of spoils," Blizzard says. "An alluring glow descends across the land, increasing the clarity and temperament of all stalwart warriors. Scholars have unlocked new secrets in their ancient tomes, while coffers threaten to burst with gold unearthed from long-forgotten crypts.
The bonus applies to both Seasonal and Eternal Realms and all World Tiers, plus it stacks, too, so "make sure you pair them with Elixirs and the Urn of Experience to maximise your experiences gains".
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