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Diablo 4 is coming soon


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Mar 16, 2022
How Trade in Diablo 4 Works

  • Find players to trade on dedicated chat channels for trading on Battle.net.
  • Discord Servers.
  • Third Party Website and Forums.
  • Invite the person you want trade with your party. This allows both players to be in the same World State in Diablo 4.
  • Head to the trading destination of choice as agreed upon by both parties. We suspect that Kyovashad, the starting town, will become a trading hub.
  • Get close to the character you want to trade with, and open the action wheel, then select "Invite to Trade".
  • The other party must now accept the request to trade.
  • Once a trade request has been accepted in Diablo 4, you can add items to the trade window.
  • Once both parties are happy with the items in their respective trade windows, they can click on the button saying "Lock in Offer".
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