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Diablo 4 Gets a limited time Free Trial and Major Discount on Steam


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Mar 16, 2022
Diablo 4's second season began in October and unleashed a vampiric invasion on Sanctuary. Named Season of Malignant, one of the biggest additions is Lord Zir, who serves as Diablo 4's new main villain. But he didn't come alone, as Diablo 4 welcomed four more bosses for players to fight and get their desired Uniques and Uber Uniques. There's no shortage of news in this regard either, as the new Diablo 4 season has added 12 Unique items and seven new Aspects for players to equip. Many adventurers have been exploring Sanctuary since the beginning, but now Diablo 4 has good news for those who still need to start their journey.
Diablo 4 has received a free trial on Steam and a 40% discount until November 28. During the free period, players can max out all characters created up to level 20 and explore Sanctuary within this level cap. Additionally, cross-play and social-play will be available during the period, allowing players to interact with other adventurers. All Diablo 4 editions are 40% off as part of the Steam Autumn Sale, leaving the base game priced at $41.99, the Digital Deluxe Edition at $53.99, and the Ultimate Edition at $59.99. With this, Diablo 4 players will not only be able to face Lord Zir and the new bosses, but also command vampiric powers, and engage in new dungeons and world events.
The free trial of Diablo 4 comes at a very suitable time for new players. Diablo 4 is running Mother's Blessing Week, giving everyone 35% additional gold and XP until November 27. Blizzard has confirmed that the bonus also applies to the free trial, so depending on the pace of progression, players can reach the level cap in just a few hours. Players who purchase Diablo 4 after testing it can carry over all their progress to the full version of the game.
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