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Diablo 2 Resurrected update 2.4.3 patch notes


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Mar 16, 2022
The 2.4.3 update appears to be a much bigger drop than the previous 1.17 update that dropped last month. While patch 1.17 simply roughed out the edges with bugs and performance issues, the new 2.4.3 update is bringing in some additional content to the game.
With quality of life fixes as well as plenty of new content, here’s everything you need to know about the new update before it goes live.
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Console lobby getting a big overhaul
The console lobby appears to be getting even more updates and revamps in this new patch. Devs even stated in the patch notes that “console Party Finder was the top item on our list by a large margin.”
The biggest change will be that the old Party Finder set-up will be replaced by a new and more fleshed-out Game Creator and Game List system. When selecting the “play” button to enter into the game, players will now be given three options to choose from when wanting to enter online play:
Private: Enter a private game that will not populate to the Game List. The only way for others to join your game is through the Friends List or by being invited.
Game List: View the games list, use the search feature, or join a public game
Game Creator: Create a public game that will populate on the games list.

Game Creator
This will allow players to create their desired game type, with all the previous game categories from Party Finder still available to pick in Game Creator.
Once a game category is picked, a pre-made name and number will be generated and assigned to the game as a way to avoid confusion and duplicates.
An additional category called Custom will also be introduced in the new patch which will include two game options:
Public Game: Create a public game to populate in the games list with a name of your choice.
Password-Protected Game: Create a public game with a password that must be entered to join. Just like in the PC lobby, a password-protected game will not appear in the games list but can be joined through a separate “Join Game” button found by pressing the “Search Game Name” button on the Game List menu and going to the Custom category.

PC lobby Updates
PC lobbies won’t be getting the same facelift treatment as consoles. However, Blizzard will still be making some minor improvements to enhance fluidity with multiplayer and connection quality. Namely, they will be adding a search functionality feature in the lobby.
When expanding on why, Blizzard stated: “Unfortunately, many players have experienced difficulties in finding specific types of games they would like to join. To solve this, we added a search functionality in the lobby—specific keywords or game names can now be typed in to return a list of games based on that search term.”

Additional Quality of Life touch ups

Players can now start a new Whirlwind, Leap, or Leap Attack immediately after a Whirlwind ends.
Changed the logic for determining how often Whirlwind attacks occur. Whirlwind now incorporates Increased Attack Speed (IAS) from all equipment. The frames between each Whirlwind attack are equal to the attack frame of a basic attack for that character (modified by increased attack speed). While dual wielding, the attack frame for each weapon will be averaged (rounding up). Overall, Whirlwind attacks should be at least as fast as they were before. Slower weapons will attack notably faster.
Added a new “Loot to Cube” skill for controllers in the general skills menu. Using this skill on an item will pick it up and place it in your Horadric Cube, if there is space.
Added a bindable hotkey for mouse and keyboard to directly open the Horadric Cube if it is in your inventory.
Added a new button shortcut to open the Horadric Cube from the inventory menu.
Players can now bulk assign stat points using a controller.
A confirmation prompt will now appear when bulk assigning all remaining stat points on both PC and console. This option is unavailable while using legacy graphics.
Added an Automap Auto Open setting to allow players to set their preferred Automap position.

You can now double click on a game to join it in the PC lobby.
Players on Switch can now join a friend’s game via the in-game Friends List.
Game List size has been doubled from 20 to 40.
Game list details in both the details panel and in the Game List now load faster upon selecting a game.
Friends playing D2R are now sorted to the top of the Friends List.
Console players now have an option in the options menu to toggle Game Name visibility.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where Deckard Cain was not able to identify items in the Horadric Cube. Now he will do so when the Cube is in your main inventory.
Fixed an issue where short-distance whirlwinds could end without executing a single attack.
Fixed an issue where Whirlwind would still apply properties and damage from a broken weapon.
Fixed an issue where the first attack of Whirlwind was treated different from the rest. When dual wielding, the first attack will choose two targets, just like all the other attacks.
Fixed an issue where resurrect costs were inconsistent for high-level mercenaries.
Fixed an issue where corpse skills were not auto-targeting corpses when using just right click.

Fixed an issue where you couldn’t select and join lobby games on PC with a controller.
Fixed an issue where players could impersonate developers by mimicking the chat font color used to display system messages.
Fixed an issue where lobby figurines would disappear while whispering.
Fixed an issue that would rarely prevent players from joining a private game.
Fixed an issue in Hardcore where both players had to mutually flag each other to be able to loot a corpse, even if the dead player had the other player flagged.
Fixed an issue where ladder rankings with six or more digits would begin to overlap the character name.

Character Select
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the most recently played characters to not sort to the top of the list.
Fixed an issue where an off-hand flail could fail to animate on the front end.

Fixed miscellaneous localization bugs.
Stability and Performance
Fixed a performance issue that could occur when spamming refresh at a vendor for an extended period.
Miscellaneous crash and stability fixes.

Magic Find Bonus
From June 30 to July 4, players will also be granted a 50% buff to Magic Find. This will provide a massive increase to the possibility of receiving Magic, Rare, Set or Unique loot when it is dropped by enemies.
The bonus will also stack with any other increased Magic Find that may be given from items that may already be equipped and used.