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Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.6 Bowazon Build


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Mar 16, 2022
When patch 2.6 ladder season 3 is coming, you can expect to use a bow with the new Hustle Runeword, making bow-used classes formidable and competitive on eight players. We will show Hustle Runeword in Bowazon Build and some weapons and skills regarding this build this time.
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Hustle Grand Matron Bow
You can put Hustle Runeword in a Grand Matron Bow.
With the Hustle Runeword, Amazon increases attack speed and solid movement speed. It gives you a five percent chance to cast the level 9 burst of speed on striking. And it will also give you a 30% increased attack speed. The burst of speed that comes with fanaticism aura can have part of effects like WindForce.
What is a level 9 burst of speed? That may include a +44% increased attack speed and a +51% increased faster run/walk. And the faster run/walk of 51% that you get is not a regular faster run/walk. It doesn't suffer diminishing returns like all the other gear would. That's awesome.
Besides adding 141% enhanced damage and an additional 10 to Dexterity, it can add 75% damage to Undead and 50% to the attack rating against Undead.

Other Weapons and Armor of Bowazon Build
For other weapons and armor, you can put in Guillaume's Face, Windforce, Laying of Hands, Razortail, and Raven Frost, which can add the Can't be Frozen characteristic.
You also can use Fortitude Dusk Shroud, as it works quite well with this class doing all enhanced damage to everything that we hit, which is huge. You've also got a bunch of resistance, which is nice for reduced damage taken.
You can use a Rune Turn ring or a Dual Leech ring for rings.
As for boots, you can try War Traveler or Gore Rider if you want.
As for the mercenary, you can use Vampire Gaze, jewels, which can increase attack speed and enhance damage. And you will be using an ethereal Shaftstop and Faith Grand Matron Bow.

Skills of Bowazon Build
When you set magic skills for Bowazon, you can max out Critical Strike and get one point in all your other skills – Dodge, Inner Sight, Slow Missiles, Avoid, Evade, and Decoy. Ultimately you get to Valkyrie, which is nice for driving mobs to the target, so you can go ahead and nuke them from range. In addition to that, you've got a couple of points into Penetrate, which gives you as much attack rating as possible. Then you put enough points into Pierce that will work with our belt, which is Razortail.
When you set Bow and Crossbow skills, you can put one point in the Magic Arrow and one point in the Cold Arrow, which allow you to move into Guided Arrow. And it would help if you max out all of the synergies, so you can set Multiple Shot, which helps you get guided arrow max, and Strafe, which helps you capture multiple nearby enemies.
And it would be best if you also got enough Strength to wear gear and enough Dexterity to move freely. But you are not putting any pints of Vitality.