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Diablo 2 Gets A 60 FPS Mod: Project Diablo 2 Explained


Wise Member
Mar 16, 2022
There is a team that is doing so that is called Project Diablo 2. Project Diablo 2 is a group of people that are passionate about the original Diablo 2 game and are adding mods so the game can run even better. One addition they recently made is that Diablo 2 will now run at 60 FPS. This will make Diablo 2 run a lot smoother during highly intense gameplay.
As we mentioned before, Diablo 2 running at 60 FPS is not official. Downloading the original Diablo 2 game through Blizzard will not get you a game that has 60 FPS. Players will have to download the game and follow the instructions provided by the Project Diablo 2 team. Project Diablo 2 gives players a pretty good reason to get back into the older game.
For starters, the Project Diablo 2 team wanted to make sure that all of the classes are balanced. If you play the original Diablo 2, there are some classes that are not that good, but with this new project, you can experience a much more balanced game. The Project Diablo 2 team plans on regularly updating their mods, so maybe more graphical mods are coming in the future.
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