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D2R:Skill Rotation and leveling Guide for Poison Nova Necromancer


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Mar 16, 2022
The Poison Nova Necromancer build is the hidden gem of Necromancer builds in Diablo 2: Resurrected.
Over time, players figured out that Poison Nova has insane AoE damage potential through scaling with +Skills items. Together with the flexible Corpse Explosion skill and tremendous Curses utility, this build turns into one of the best Magic Find builds in the game.Let's find out the best Skill Rotation and Leveling Skills for Poison Nova Necromancer.
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Skill Rotation
This is your general endgame spell rotation. Cast Lower Resist to decrease monster poison resistance, then cast Poison Nova. If this doesn't kill all minions on the screen, look for corpses and finish off the remaining enemies with Corpse Explosion. With proper endgame gear, you can skip casting Lower Resist and directly cast Poison Nova since your endgame gear will have a multitude of "- enemy poison resistance" properties.
In terms of defenses, You should always try to keep up your Bone Armor. While this version of the Poison Nova Necromancer build runs Revive support, you should always keep your defenses up, especially while farming endgame content.
In addition to that, your Golem of choice, as well as your Curses, will make your life in the leveling stages much easier.

Leveling Skill
Early Poison leveling can be quite a pain, so you'd want to rely on an early Skeleton or Teeth/Bone Spear build until Level ~35.
On Level 35, you can respec into a starter Poison Nova Necromancer build. Your initial skill point allocation could look something like this:
Summoning Spells: 1 Raise Skeleton, 9 Skeleton Mastery, 1 Raise Skeletal Mage, 1 Clay Golem, 1 Golem Mastery, 1 Summon Resist, 1 Blood Golem, 1 Iron Golem, 1 Revive.
Poison and Bone Spells: 1 Teeth, 1 Corpse Explosion, 16 Poison Dagger, 1 Poison Explosion, 1 Poison Nova
Curses: 1 Amplify Damage, 1 Weaken, 1 Terror, 1 Iron Maiden, 1 Life Tap, 1 Decrepify, 3 Lower Resist
From there on, your skill point priority should look as follows: Poison Nova > Poison Explosion > Poison Dagger (if you haven't maxed) > Corpse Explosion
Everything after that is a bonus - Iron Golem, better Lower Resist, Dim Vision for endgame farming, and so on. You may want to respec those points put into Skeleton Mastery as well.