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D2R Patch 2.5 Ladder Season Two: Sundering Charms And the Effects


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Mar 16, 2022
As D2R Patch 2.5 goes live, Sundering Charms, which are new items of ladder season two, can drop on ladder characters. So we will introduce them and see the impacts that Sundering Charms have on the value and popularity of some specific items for ladder season two.
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What Are Sundering Charms
Sunder is a keyword that means players can ignore a monster's immunity to deal with them. And it is very effective because no matter how high the resistance percentage is, the immunity of the monster can be reduced by 95%. At the same time, it reduces your character's resistance to the same element, and the reduced percentage depends on per Sundering Charm.
Six new Sundering Charms are in ladder season two:
The Black Cleft can sunder the monster's magic immunity and reduce your character's magic resistance by -45% to -65%.
The Bone Break can sunder the monster's physical immunity and reduce your character's physical received damage by 10% to 30%.
The Cold Rupture can sunder the monster's cold immunity and reduce your character's cold resistance by -70% to -90%.
The Crack of the Heavens can sunder the monster's lightning immunity and reduce your character's lightning resistance by -70% to -90%.
The Flame Rift can sunder the monster's fire immunity and reduce your character's fire resistance by -70% to -90%.
The Rotting Fissure can sunder the monster's poison immunity and reduce your character's poison resistance by -70% to -90%.

Effects Sundering Charms Have on Some Items
Rising Sun Amulet

It wasn't a very popular amulet in the past because fire damage-dealing characters were stifled in areas like Mausoleum, etc. But with the Sundering Charms, fire damage-dealing characters can change the disadvantage. This amulet with the plus two to fire skills will give damage output equal to Mars. It's Fire Absorb based on character level. Players playing on very high-level characters can get an insane amount of Fire Absorb, which can render their character completely immune to fire damage. So Rising Sun Amulet is a really nice complement to a fire Sundering Charm now.

Snowclash Battle Belt
Typically most Sorceress builds almost always revolve around Tal Rasha's Fine Spun Cloth or Arachnid Mesh to choose. But now, with the Cold Rupture of Sundering Charms, Snowclash Battle Belt has become a good choice for the cold skill of blizzard Sorceress.

Flickering Flame
Technically, Flickering Flame is a Runeword that is powerful for Fire Druids, Fire Sorceress builds, or Necromancer builds. With the Flame Rift of Sundering Charms, Flickering Flame can be more prevalent for various builds than what we saw in the previous ladder season.

Fire Boots
It includes generic fire resistance boots, like Hotspur boots, Infernostride Demonhide boots, Aldur's Advance Battle boots, etc. These are relatively common items that have fire resistance and are super cheap. Fire Boots can provide extra fire resistance for fire damage-dealing characters who are using Sundering Charms.

Fire Facet
Now this one is relatively straightforward. Before Sundering Charms, most end-game elemental damage-dealing setups revolve around being Javazons, lightning Sorceresses, and Blizzard Sorceresses. That's typically why Cold Facets and Lightning Facets were worth more. But now, a really powerful end-game fire Druid or fire Sorceress is a new perfect option for players, and Fire Facet will also rise in value.


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