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D2R Ladder Season 4: How The New Changes Affect Gameplay


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Mar 16, 2022
The adjustments of features are an effort to ensure players enjoy the experience, and with each feature comes an upgrade. Here are all the changes made in this new season.
Addition of 4 more Character Slots that players can now play with. This is available on all the Online Modes.
In the new feature adjustments, a non-Ladder game featured Ladder characters used in former seasons in this new season. This allows you to perform Reset Stat and Skill Points at Akara. Note that Ladder Characters already used in previous non-Ladder games do not qualify to be used again.
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Quality of Life Updates and Bug Fixes in Gameplay
The Next Hit Delay operation is strictly for missiles fired by casting the same skill.
The Next Hit Delay system considers every Assassin Martial Arts charge-up skill as a new cast.
From the adjustments made, there is no longer an issue of the Offline play crashing when an Assassin dies in Gameplay.
Assassin's traps now benefit from Offline play resistance reduction with the new adjustments.
There has been a removal of Knockback from the Bul Kathos' Sacred Charge 2-Handed Sword.
Shapeshifting directly from the Werebear to the Werewolf forms is now easier for Druids.
The adjustments removed the Terrorizing issue where Mephisto had to drop from lower-level treasure classes.