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D2R Ladder Season 2:Builds Have a Rebirth with Sundering Charms


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Mar 16, 2022
Today we will continue to introduce Diablo 2 Resurrected Builds that have a rebirth with Sundering Charms. This time we focus on re-recognizing Frost Nova Sorceress and Freezing Arrow Amazon.
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Frost Nova Sorceress
If players are completely bored with Blizzard sorceress as they use skills like Frozen Orb too often, they can turn to choose frost Nova sorceress, which is probably the best budget-oriented build.
It doesn't require Infinity Runeword and Enigma Runeword. As Cold Mastery is a very powerful skill, players just need a Sundering Charm to assist.
Although this build has some drawbacks, it will obliterate everything under crowd control when players are up to three. So it's basically a Nova variant. Players can completely freeze everything and do very good damage, which does not need them to be tied to Enigma Runeword for Teleport skill or Infinium mercenary for Conviction skill.
As far as the gear, if players want to maximize their damage completely, obviously, Nightwing's Veil and Death's Fathom will be the two best options. And this build will work completely fine with a Spirit Crystal Sword or Spirit Shield. Besides, Silkweave is recommended equipment that will really help players sustain their Mana.
And players can also use Insight mercenary for assistance. Once they have a very high-level Mana pool, they could use other variants. So there are a lot of possibilities.

Skill Tree
About the skill tree, the fire tree is relatively straightforward. If players want to buff the mercenaries' attack rating, they can put 20 points into Warmth and take the optional Road of adding points into Enchant.
Suppose players want to take advantage of Energy Shield to counteract the negative cold resistance from a Sundering Charm. In that case, they need to put points into the Energy Shield of the lighting tree and also put one point into each of Telekinesis and Teleport.
When it comes to the cold skill tree, players need to put one point in all their prerequisites and then 20 points into Frost Nova, 20 points into Blizzard, and 28 points into Frozen Orb. With Sundering Charms, players can have 36 points in cold Mastery.

Freezing Arrow Amazon
This build has the very best crowd control in the game. Players who use the rumored Ice Runeword can grant a Holy Freeze aura in which anything will be significantly slowed down. It is a very powerful build and definitely an expensive high-end build. It can literally freeze the monsters in place for multiple sec at a time.
With the introduction of Sundering Charms, this build might actually be ahead of the physical Bowazon, which can provide variant multi-shot and strafe.

Ice Runeword in a bow and Nightwings for a helmet are definitely going to be players' top-tier setups. And Infinity mercenary is also good. Players can use these early on to make this build shine with a Sundering Charm.
There are many budget options, as players can use an Insight mercenary and put Harmony or Melody Runeword in a bow. But two important pieces of gear that players need to have on this build are Razortail and Silkweave. Razortail is important for chaining together freezing explosions, and Silkweave is useful because it has a bonus to Mana.

Skill Tree
When it comes to the Bow and Crossbow skill tree, players can put 20 points into Cold Arrow, 20 points into Ice Arrow, and 20 points into Freezing Arrow.

Typically players wouldn't invest 20 points into Frost Arrow because they don't really need to waste points to the extra freeze length. But now, Sundering Charms have been introduced, and players can freeze every single Monster with these.