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Xbox PlayStation PC Call of Duty: Warzone patch nerfs the Snake Shot

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The Snake Shot’s reign of terror in Call of Duty: Warzone may be over.

Infinity Ward just rolled out a small update for both Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. The surprise patch is entirely made up of balance tweaks and bug fixes.

Without question, the biggest change has to do with the .357 Snake Shot, a weapon attachment that turns the .357 (magnum) into a small shotgun. In Warzone, its damage and consistency outclassed everything else. It got so powerful, in fact, that we had to include it in our best Warzone loadouts. Having Akimbo Snake Shots was an ever bigger menace.

Today’s hotfix “re-balances” the damage of Snake Shot. It also fixes a bug that caused their damage to be higher at longer distances than intended. The .357 did get a slight buff, however, in a reduction to the trigger delay when using Lightweight and Match Grade triggers.

Another great tweak affects the ‘getting kills next to smoke’ challenge. Infinity Ward relaxed the requirements a bit so it should be easier for your kills to count, which should help you unlock the Bruen MK9 LMG faster.

Outside of that, there are some vehicle fixes that should hopefully help get rid of that damn helicopter exploit.

Read the full patch notes below:
  • Tuning all smoke challenges to be a bit more forgiving. This includes the challenge to unlock the Bruen MK9.
  • Fix to help prevent vehicle exploits.
  • Various exploit fixes, including Ground War Infected.
  • Game Battles: Fix for a few issues where players might not be able to join a new match.
  • Reduced fire delay on the Lightweight and Match Grade trigger attachments on all .357 calibres.
  • .357 Snake Shot damage re-balance.
  • Fixed a bug where the damage on the .357 Snake Shot was too high at longer distances.



New Member
Jun 19, 2020
It's nice to get tweaks and bug fixes. Nice picture. Looks almost like a real life photograph. Helicopter is interesting. Roof looks interesting.


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