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Call Of Duty: War Zone Tips/Class set ups


Getting Started
Apr 22, 2020
Any headset with dolby atmos or 7.1's are great. But the game settings are what really matters.
I use Dolby Atmos(phere) Once plugged into the controller dolby set up app loads on my xbox and let's me configure it.

My first tip would be:

Go in game, settings and *boost low sounds*

Low sounds are the footsteps, operator natter where they give position away half the time. Boosting low sounds with turtle beaches/astros is a huge benefit for those playing the S&D type modes.

I find the game easier to have alternate stick sensitivity. Left analog lower than right so I can snap to enemy's quicker. Also turning aim assist low so it doesn't go slow when aiming at an enemy or auto locking when multiple enemies are in the same area.

Getting battlepass/weapon xp. Ground war awards the most xp for weapons and battlepass. Operation missions also award silly xp upon completion. We was running 40k xp per mission along with levelling up new guns.

War Zone

My go to at the moment is the M13. The gun is so OP but try run 2 classes with Cold Blood & Ghost and try aim for 2 load out drops. 1 class HDR sniper, the other can either be M13, RAM, M4 or Grau. Try mix the attachments for range/Ads. Scout combat is a must for its 3.25x zoom.

Last but not least. Try and do bounties. Either scavenger or recon. Recon will let you see the next zone circle so is really good if you want to get set up in the last zone.
If you guys have any other tips or tricks for other users. Feel free to share them in here.