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PC Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch will finally make it possible to uninstall specific modes on PC

  • Staff
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players on PC will soon be able to uninstall parts of the game they’re not playing.

Infinity Ward has confirmed that the next patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will add the ability to uninstall components of the game you’re not playing.

This feature has, of course, been available on PS4 and Xbox One for months, but this new patch will finally bring it to PC. The update is due to roll out later today/early morning tomorrow in most of the world. This is indeed the very same patch PS4 players were able to pre-load this week.

Production director Paul Haile broke the news on Twitter, much to the elation of many PC players struggling with the game’s over 220GB footprint on PC. Haile didn’t specify what will be possible to uninstall.

Looking at the same option on PS4 and Xbox One, PC players will likely also get to remove Special Ops mode, and potentially even Survival. Indeed, PS4 players who own the game digitally can also uninstall the campaign, so we do hope the same choice will be afforded to PC players.

This obviously isn’t a problem for free-to-play Warzone players, as they only have access to multiplayer content anyway.

Infinity Ward has yet to detail what this week’s big patch is going to change, but the developer usually publishes the official patch notes after the update has been released.



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