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Busy Gamer Tracks Progress in Elden Ring in a Creative New Way


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Mar 16, 2022
Elden Ring launched in 2022, and since then, thousands of gamers have been exploring The Lands Between, finding uncharted terrain, terrifying mini-bosses, powerful weapons, and much more. Elden Ring's developer's approach to the story gives players a lot of reasons to explore the map by themselves and pay attention to the in-game dialogue, their surroundings, and the enemies they encounter in their play sessions. Elden Ring's map is huge in comparison to some open-world games, and many players have taken some extra help, like this Reddit user who plans to use a physical map and something more to keep track of their adventures and progress.
On June 5, Reddit user EnlightingWave made a post on the Elden Ring subreddit sharing a new method they will be using to keep track of progress. According to the Reddit post, after putting in 200 hours in their main save and forgetting most of their playthrough, they decided to replay the game again with the help of a physical map and a notebook in which they would take notes about their progress in hopes to refresh themselves each time they sit down to play the game as they can only put around two hours per week into the game. Elden Ring players have shown their creativity in-game, but this player took it to another level.
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