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Bulwark Runeword in Diablo II: Resurrected Season 3


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Mar 16, 2022
Bulwark is one of five new mid-level Helm runewords offering 20% Faster Hit Recovery (from Shael) and +10 to Vitality (from Io). It also offers enhanced defense and an increase to maximum life of 5%.
Unlike the other Helms in this series, Temper is really geared primarily to melee and ranged classes rather than being aimed at any class. Instead of Elemental resistances, this offers -7 damage reduction through the Sol rune and a variety of Physical damage mitigation and attributes. This includes the very valuable 4-6% Life Stolen Per Hit (only applies to Physical damage dealt), Replenish Life, and a 10-15% Physical Damage reduction. This means this will be of far more interest to non-caster classes and to Mercenaries who engage in melee combat. Ranged classes can also use this for the 4-6% Life Steal and to add some extra survivability.
While it is useful for player classes, it's probably going to be used primarily as a Mercenary helm for the Act IV Mercenary. If you are looking for D2R Ladder Items, Runewords, Unique Items, Set Items, just Google search Aoeah and check it out, use code FORUM for discount!

Bulwark Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths of the Bulwark Runeword:

--Excellent package of life steal, additional health, and damage mitigation
--Easily-farmed runes accessible by early Nightmare
--Decent additions to defense and maximum Life to help with overall survivability, particularly for Mercenaries.
--Direct Physical Damage mitigation unusual at this level.
Weaknesses of the Bulwark Runeword:
--Does not offer much to Caster classes.
--Physical Damage mitigation not enough to be as useful at higher levels.
--A strong mid-game contender for not a lot of investment, but won't have staying power.

Bulwark Recommendations
Runewords vary on their suitability for different classes and specs, as well as utility for the various Mercenaries. This next section will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Bulwark Runeword, what classes and specs can make the most out of Bulwark, and whether you should consider using Bulwark with your Mercenary follower.
Best Classes and Specs for the Bulwark Runeword
This helm is clearly meant for melee classes such as Barbarians, Martial Arts-build Assassins, shapeshifting Druids, and Paladins. There is some minor advantage to Physical-damage focused ranged classes such as certain Bowazon builds, but probably not a great focus for those.
Bulwark for Mercenaries
This helm is most useful to the Act IV Barbarian Mercenary, since their damage is melee-focused and the extra survivability offered is excellent. Since Act IV Mercenaries can wear Barbarian class helms for a base item, this makes this extra useful. This is probably the very best reason to use the Bulwark runeword.

Farming Runes for Bulwark
Bulwark requires the runes Shael, Io, and Sol, which you will acquire through farming or trading. This lists the requirements to farm these runes. These are listed in the order they go into the base item, not in order of difficulty:
Shael 29 All Nightmare/Hell Countess, Act 5 (Normal) Good treasure and above
Io 35 Nightmare/Hell Nightmare/Hell Countess, Act 1 (Nightmare) Good treasure and above
Sol 27 All Nightmare/Hell Countess, Act 5 (Normal) Good treasure and above


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