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Xbox PlayStation PC Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels event kicks off today, update adds Mayhem 2.0

  • Staff
Today’s Borderlands 3 update sees the Revenge of the Cartels Seasonal Event kick off and adds Mayhem Mode 2.0.

Borderlands 3 players can enjoy the latest event and jump into Mayhem 2.0 with today’s update.

Alongside the event and update to Mayhem comes the first week of the Loot the Universe mini-event.

The Loot the Universe mini-event takes you across the game’s solar system to loot specific types of Legendary Loot for the next four weeks.

Each week, one of the planets in the game will have an increased chance of dropping their own dedicated Legendary weapon types. They may also have an increased chance for Legendary gear types.

Here’s the schedule for the planets that will be affected during Loot the Universe:
  • Week 1 (9 AM PT April 23 to 8:59 AM PT April 30) – Pandora
  • Week 2 (9 AM PT April 30 to 8:59 AM PT May 7) – Promethea
  • Week 3 (9 AM PT May 7 to 8:59 AM PT May 14) – Eden-6
  • Week 4 (9 AM PT May 14 to 8:59 AM PT May 21) – Nekrotafeyo
From today through June 4, you can participate in the Revenge of the Cartels free seasonal event. It features a new area, new enemy types, limited-time Challenges, and new Legendaries and Anointments.

Here’s the synopsis:

In his continued studies of human customs, your Saurian crewmate Maurice has gotten himself mixed up with the wrong crowd, and now finds himself indebted to Joey Ultraviolet, the kingpin of the Eridium Cartel. To save Maurice’s scaly hide, you’ll need to take the fight to Joey and his gangs of underlings at Villa Ultraviolet, an opulent hideout overlooking a tropical paradise.

The first time you log in during Revenge of the Cartels, you’ll get a repeatable quest from Maurice aboard Sanctuary III that “must be completed in order to reach Villa Ultraviolet.”

During the event, neon-glowing Cartel Operative enemies can be found around the galaxy, including areas from campaign add-ons. Once you kill an Operative, a dead man’s switch signal is sent to their buddies so expect some Cartel Thugs to show up in order to avenge their friend.

These enemies might also be accompanied by one of the Eridium Cartel’s Underbosses which are unique enemies belonging to one of the Cartel’s three gangs. Getting rid of the reinforcements will earn you Hideout Coordinates. Once you have collected enough, go see Maurice who will open up a portal that leads directly to Villa Ultraviolet.

Once you arrive there, you will have to contend with hordes of Eridium Cartel members, and each gang has its own Underboss and Legendary loot pool. Every time you clear out Villa Ultraviolet, one of the other gangs will show up, so be prepared.

Alongside the event comes a new set of limited-time Challenges. Complete these and you will earn cosmetic rewards. There are 18 Challenges to complete while the event is live. Challenges and the list of rewards are posted below.
  • Three Challenges: ‘VECH-tor Graphics’ ECHO Device Skin
  • Six Challenges: ‘Retro Outrunner’ Weapon Trinket
  • Ten Challenges: ‘Framed Firewall’ Room Decoration
  • 14 Challenges: ‘Hotline Pandora’ Vault Hunter Head
  • 18 Challenges: ‘Death by Filigrees’ Vault Hunter Skin
Today’s update also addresses some “community concerns,” applies plenty of fixes and tons more. You can look over the extensive patch notes at the link.