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Blizzard is dropping the banhammer on Diablo 4


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Mar 16, 2022
The situation with Diablo 4's seasonal exploit has officially ended in a manner most unfortunate for those who were tempted into participating: Blizzard is dropping the banhammer.
In case you missed it, a dubious Diablo 4 exploit has been doing the rounds that apparently lets you bridge the gap between the Eternal and seasonal realm. The exploit had been letting players in the Eternal realm bag seasonal gear, and was also being used to transfer existing characters over to the seasonal realm. It was sketchy from the beginning, but then things got even worst when players found out how to equip the new seasonal gem, Malignant Hearts, into every item slot.
Seasoned Diablo players wouldn't touch the exploit with a 10-foot pike, but those naïve enough to think they could take advantage of a vulnerability in the system without paying the price are now, well, paying the price. Not only has the loophole been closed, but Diablo 4 is banning players who took part.
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