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Xbox Black Ops Cold War Content Packs Spotted on Xbox Store

  • Staff
Now that Activision has officially announced Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the game has now been uploaded to each platform holder’s respective online stores, so fans can pre-order the title. Over on the official Xbox Store, a bunch of tems called Black Ops Cold War Content Packs can be spotted alongside the game.

Check out the images that shows the Black Ops Cold War Content Packs from Pack 1 to Pack 4.

Checking the pack itself, it only states “This pack contains Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War content” and nothing more. Could this be for COD Points, which we’re sure will once again make an appearance in Black Ops Cold War? The chances of these being anything related to maps are slim to none given Activision has confirmed that the Black Ops Cold War post-launch model will follow Modern Warfare’s and Warzone’s.

Of course, we’re hoping these aren’t the data packs similar to Modern Warfare’s given Infinity Ward’s shooter has taken up an enormous space in our respective gaming machine’s HDD.

In other Black Ops Cold War news, we reported earlier today that a Black Ops Cold War alpha was uploaded and also updated on the PlayStation Network! For those looking forward to the beta, Activision will be giving away 10,000 beta keys tomorrow during the Call of Duty League Championships!

Make sure to tune in this September 9 for the official multiplayer reveal.

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