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Best Rocket League Cars: Which Body Types To Use In The Arena


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Mar 16, 2022
Choosing the right car in Rocket League is pretty much essential for successfully climbing the ranks during each Season. Every body type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages-as so often in life, there is no perfect solution that every Rocket League player should know.
Nevertheless, some cars are wayyyy cooler and much more popular with the community, because they just feel (subjectively and objectively) better. Here you will find the best Rocket League cars to use in 2022! We briefly explain some important key factors to look out for and also show which bodies are used by most RL pros.
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How To Know What It Is the Best Car To Use
A damn difficult question,after all, the selection of bodies is really huge and gets even bigger with each new season. While the list of vehicles is already quite long, you must know that every Rocket League car fits one of six total categories-hitboxes so to say.
When our favorite socCar game first launched a couple of years ago, every automobile had its own unique hitbox. With new vehicles being released every so often, Psyonix finally said "Screw it" and introduced hitboxes for the very first time.

All 6 Hitbox Types in Rocket League
So, we've already learned that choosing the best car in Rocket League has a lot to do with its hitbox. Here it's just personal preference which type you feel most comfortable with. Try to consider not only your own play style, but also your rank-and choose on of these 6:
Breakout Type hitbox
Dominus Type hitbox
Hybrid Type hitbox
Merc Type hitbox
Octane Type hitbox
Plank Type hitbox
That said, there are some hitboxes in Rocket League that are just so beloved by the community-and a few others that are sadly falling behind. Best example: Merc. These vehicles are usually big, fat, and most importantly, clunky. Not many people can handle this style of gameplay. And this also reflects on the best cars in Rocket League.

3. Vehicles With A Dominus Hitbox
Dominus is not only one of the most popular Rocket League cars, but also bears the name of probably the second most popular Hitbox in the game. Anyone who has already spent a few hours in Rocket League knows how dangerous Power Shots from a Dominus can be. Sure, the large turning radius and the flat design take some getting used to.
On the other hand, anyone who still has some catching up to do with their flip timing can make up for it with the Dominus. All in all, an extremely chic Battle Car with some amazing offensive qualities-but not quite as flexible as the other two vehicles. Notable vehicles that feature a Dominus hitbox are:
Batmobile (2022)
K.I.T.T (Knight Rider)
Lamborghini Countach
McLaren 765 LT
Dominus 127.9268000 83.2799500 31.3000000

2. Vehicles With An Octane Hitbox
The Octane has been the flagship when it comes to the best cars in Rocket League for many years. Not only can it be used right after you started playing, it also looks damn sexy. The Octane has virtually no weaknesses-as a perfect all-rounder, the body is obviously pretty popular with the community. Whether low in the ranks or as a Supersonic Legend king.
What to some players is even more important is that the Octane just looks and feels pretty clean. His Titanium White Paint Finish is one of the rarest and most expensive ones in the game, as it is extremely hard to get, but even more awesome to look at.
007's Aston Martin DB5
Ford Mustang Mach-E RLE
Honda Civic Type R
Takumi RX-T
Octane 118.0074000 84.1994100 36.1590700

1. The Fennec
“New is always better”,what Barney Stinson preached a few years ago is still true-at least for cars in Rocket League. The Fennec is basically the slightly newer and improved version of the Octane. It even comes with the same Hitbox, further optimized by Psyonix.
The only downside the Fennec has over the Octane is that the car feels a bit sluggish and clunky. If your gameplay consists mostly of fast-paced action, then the Octane is probably the better choice. As a whole, though, the Fennec is still the best car in Rocket League.

What Cars Rocket League Pros Use The Most
Although the Fennec still fills the Octane Hitbox a bit better than the Octane itself, the Octane continues to be king of the eSports scene. Since Season 1 of the RLCS, many pros have relied on the OG car-never change a running system, ya know. In fact, the Octane has always been so popular that Psyonix even gave it its own statue in DFH Stadium.
While there are no statistics on the exact popularity of the Octane, we can be quite sure it's the most used battle car in Rocket League. The Fennec and the Dominus come in second and third place-they are almost as good, and with them,you can definitely perform on the highest level.


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