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Apex Legends players reveal which Legend they want “deleted” from roster


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Mar 16, 2022
While gunplay is definitely the most important aspect of Apex Legends, the roster of unique and interesting characters is a close second.
Each equipped with a set of powerful abilities designed to turn the tides in a skirmish, every single Legend brings something different to their squad.
Despite this, some of them are more popular than others, and not all of them have the best reputation in the community.
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Which Legend should be deleted from Apex Legends?
On October 10, Reddit user karrreyy created a thread that posed a simple question, if you could delete a Legend from Apex, who would it be?
Well, it didn’t take long for the post to get a lot of traction and a few names from the roster immediately began to get mentioned more than others. The top suggestion was targeted at Wraith, as the user just wanted to see “what chaos it’ll bring to the community” when the most iconic character in Apex is removed from the game.
Another nominee was Seer, whose “wallhacks” were the main argument for him leaving the roster. It’s likely TSM pro ImperialHal would agree with this selection, as he’s called out the Ambush Master recently for making third parties a serious problem in Season 14.
Finally, Vantage received quite a few votes from users who think booting her from the Outlands would force people to “actually learn how to snipe again”.

As expected, nearly all the replies in the thread are jokes and no one actually wants any of the Legends removed from Apex.
The only serious contender was Seer, and that’s because the Ambush Master has become a powerful meta pick in Hunted, especially for pouncing on weakened squads.
Either way, it’s safe to say Respawn will never remove a Legend from the Outlands, but it’s always fun to see who the community would get rid of if they had the choice.


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