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Apex Legends players are abusing small servers for easy Predator rank badge


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Mar 16, 2022
Apex Legends players want Respawn to make some changes to way the servers and Apex Predators work, as some are taking advantage of underpopulated servers.
When it comes to proving you’re the best of the best in Apex, there’s only one virtual battleground to do it on – Apex’s Ranked mode. Though it has been criticized has been players over the last few seasons – especially with the way points and ranks are dished out – it is still home to the most competitive players out there.

Some players have urged Respawn to take the mode back under the knife and make some further changes, mainly with rewards, but there is another problem brewing.
Instead of jumping into their home server, some players are instead using underpopulated servers – mainly Bahrain 2 – to queue up against lower-ranked and skilled players in a bid to farm RP and keep their top-tier ranks.
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Apex Legends players “abusing” unpopulated servers in Ranked
It’s an issue that has been highlighted by Apex YouTuber Garret, who noted that he’s had plenty of DM’s from players who have witnessed Predator taking advantage of this, and playing against Bronzes.
As a result, players have urged Respawn to make a change and prevent this practice from propping up some Predator players.

“All they need to do is make it so that once you have masters or specifically pred, they begin to limit the servers you can transfer to,” said one. “I hope full cross-play is enabled because solo only cross-play with other console or pc only is also helping abusing matchmaking like this,” added another. “The only fix is to force players on the lowest ping server … then its FIXED,” commented another frustrated fan.
Some players noted that the underpopulated server can take hours to find a game, and then even when a game is made, the ping is super high because of players coming from further afield.

“Bahrain servers are actually really empty, we need more players to queue for a match faster, but unfortunately no one plays in this server because of that issue,” added another player.
It remains to be seen if Respawn will address the issue any time soon, or if it will continue to be a bugbear for fans in the Middle East.


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