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Apex Legends pick rates: Most popular Legends in Season 13


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Mar 16, 2022

This information is based on a database of over 13 million Apex Legends players, and while this isn’t the total player base, it’s a very good sample size. These stats don’t indicate who is ‘the best‘ overall, instead, they highlight which Legend is currently most popular to pick.
With Season 13 now a few weeks old and new Legend Newcastle’s pick rate percentage now resembling a familiar pattern, we’ve got all the data you need to know regarding Apex Legends Season 13’s pick rates, including who’s the most popular now and any sneaky surprises, too.
Updated June 21, 2022, with up-to-date pick rate data.
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Apex Legends Pick Rates in Season 13
Here are all of the current pick rates for each Legend as of June 21, 2022. Make sure to check back weekly as we’ll keep you updated as the percentages change and pick rates inevitably fluctuate.

CharacterPick Rate
#21Mad Maggie1.7%

The most used Legends in Apex Legends Season 13
The battle for Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors supremacy is hotting up, but some things don’t change as Octane and Wraith are currently leading the pack as has been the case for the last several seasons.
As with the start of most new seasons of Apex, the new Legend, Newcastle got off to a blisteringly hot start as most new Legends do. However, Newcastle has dropped down from his opening position of third to sixteenth at 2.5%.
New Legends tend to drop off drastically as the weeks go on and Newcastle is continuing the typical downward spiral.

Other than that, most of the positions of other Legends hasn’t really changed too much with Apex Season 13.
The most noticeable recent change has to be Rampart who has been the least-picked Legend for the longest time, and now she is up as high as 15th with 2.5%.
Loba’s pick rate pick rate has been better the last few months thanks to her bracelet buffs, moving her a few spots higher up. It seems that Seer and Mad Maggie have all been the victim of ‘new hype syndrome’ with Seer now 17th (2.5%) and Mad Maggie is now rock bottom in 21st (1.7%) — Ash is fairing slightly better in 9th (3.7%).