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All Rocket League's Free and Premium Tier Rewards


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Mar 16, 2022
Rocket League season 10 is live and with it came a brand-new Rocket Pass. In this article, we'll go over each and every tier and reward – whether you're free to play or decide to buy the premium pass.
Psyonix brings out some fresh and sweet looking rewards for every new Rocket League Season, bringing tons of fantastic and unique items to everyone's favorite car-football game. You always have the choice of continuing to be a free-to-play legend, or spending some money and treating yourself to the Premium Pass with additional items.
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Rocket Pass Season 10: All Free & Premium Tier Rewards
The Rocket Pass features special items that you earn through ranking up and unlocking new tiers in each Rocket League season.
There are about seventy different tiers usually, each of which award you with a particular reward (if you own the premium Rocket Pass, that is). You can track your progress by checking out the Rocket Pass tab within the main menu of Rocket League.

Rocket Pass Season 10: End Date Confirmed
Season 10 will end on June 7, 2023, after which we can expect Season 11 to launch with a brand new Rocket Pass. As usual, you'll have the next three months to play a lot of Rocket League, climb the ranked ladder and unlock all the battle pass tiers. So go ahead and have fun in Rocket League season 10!


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