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All player cards in Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 Battlepass


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Mar 16, 2022
Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 is generating quite a buzz among players, and it's not just because of the player cards. There's a whole lot more to this release that's worth the excitement. Mark your calendars for October 31 because that's when Episode 7 Act 3 drops. The Battlepass typically follows suit around 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET / 10 pm BST, allowing players from various time zones to dive in together.
In addition to the shiny Battlepass and eye-catching player cards, Episode 7 Act 3 is introducing a brand new Duelist Agent. Called ISO, it's creating quite a stir. It's been a while since a fresh Duelist joined the ranks, not since Neon's arrival in January 2022.
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ISO will be featuring a host of new abilities, a unique style, and a role to play in Valorant. Players are eager to discover these things about the new Agent. As far as we know, ISO hails from China and is a fixer for hire. While his real name is Li Zhao Yu, he is also known as The Dead Lilac as per his lore.
What sets him apart is his abilities, which are apparently more of a defending nature. This gives him a unique position in the arsenal of Agents in Valorant.
Episode 7 Act 3 not only provides new content but also refines the gaming experience. Some Agents have been struggling, and the developers are taking notice. They're considering giving these Agents a boost in their abilities to ensure every Agent contributes effectively to the team.
But hold on, we can't forget about the player cards. These small but charming additions let you express your style and journey within the game. Here's a sneak peek at the player cards in the Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 Battlepass:
Fault line Schema
The Fundation
Rooftop Revelry
Versus // Breach + Raze
Chapter 2: Sandswept Card
Chapter 3: Unstoppable // KAY/O Card
Chapter 7: ISO ID Card
Chapter 8: Order for Owen! Card
Chapter 9: In the Pocket Card
Chapter 10: Mementos Pt. 2 Card
Epilogue: Order for Owen! Card
These player cards are not just for looks, as they also display your journey in Valorant.