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All Info And News About The New Rocket League Season


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Mar 16, 2022
Rocket League season 10 is (almost) here, and we're just soooo hyped for it. Considering it's a very special occasion, Psyonix just HAS to give players something memorable. We've got you covered with all news, leaks and info right here – here's what can you expect from Rocket League season 10.
Compared to other huge multiplayer games, official info on upcoming Rocket League content usually drops just days before it gets released and it's the same with season 10.
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Rocket League Season 10: New Features
With Rocket League Season 1, the Volkswagen Golf II GTI gets into the game via the seasonal pass; with the premium pass you'll be able to play the upgraded version of it, the VW GTI RLE
A new arena is available with season 10: The Deadeye Canyon
Psyonix confirmed an in-game event, which has yet to be revealed
You will be able to get additional new cosmetics and rewards
A wait time counter will be added to the game that shall help players see which game modes are (not) very popular right now to avoid wasting time.

Rocket League: Still No Unreal Engine 5
Rumors, leaks, and confirmations that Rocket League will one day use Unreal Engine 5 have been around for what seems like an eternity, but it seems that it won't happen with season 10 as well, unfortunately.