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5 Easy Ways to Get a Tabula Rasa in Path of Exile


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Mar 16, 2022
Getting a Tabula Rasa in Path of Exile (PoE) can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. The Tabula Rasa is a unique item that provides a significant advantage to players as it has no sockets or links, allowing you to use any combination of skill gems without the need for socket colors or links. In this guide, we will explore different methods you can use to obtain a Tabula Rasa in PoE.
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Divination Cards
Divination cards are items that can be collected and exchanged for specific unique items. The Humility card is the most commonly known divination card associated with Tabula Rasa. To acquire a Tabula Rasa through divination cards, you will need to collect nine Humility cards. These cards can drop from various zones and monsters throughout the game, but certain zones have a higher chance of dropping them. Some areas that are good for farming Humility cards include The Coast, The Mud Flats, The Lower Prison, and The Upper Prison. Once you have collected nine Humility cards, you can trade them with other players or redeem them in the appropriate vendor recipe to obtain a Tabula Rasa.

Farming in Blood Aqueducts
The Blood Aqueducts is a zone in Act 9 that has a relatively high chance of dropping Tabula Rasa. It is a linear zone with a straightforward layout, which makes it an ideal location for farming. Players often create "Tabula Rasa farming characters" specifically designed to efficiently clear the Blood Aqueducts. These characters usually focus on high movement speed and area-of-effect (AoE) skills to quickly clear the zone. By repeatedly running the Blood Aqueducts, you increase your chances of finding a Tabula Rasa. It's important to note that this method relies on RNG (random number generation), so it may take some time and multiple runs before obtaining the desired item.

Vendor Recipe
The vendor recipe system in PoE allows players to exchange specific combinations of items for valuable rewards. The Tabula Rasa vendor recipe requires you to sell a corrupted six-linked white (no socket colors) body armor with 20% quality. You can obtain a six-linked white body armor by using the Jeweler's Orbs and Orb of Fusing currency items on a normal body armor. To increase the quality of the body armor, you can use Armor Scraps or Blacksmith's Whetstones. Corruption can be applied by using Vaal Orbs on the body armor, which will randomize its properties. Keep in mind that corrupting an item may have unpredictable effects, so it's best to use a less valuable body armor to minimize potential losses.

Legacy League Challenges
During certain leagues or events, special challenges may be introduced that reward players with unique items, including Tabula Rasa. For example, in the Legacy League, there was a challenge that required players to reach level 70 without equipping any body armor. Upon completing this challenge, players were rewarded with a Legacy Tabula Rasa, which is a version of the Tabula Rasa with additional legacy properties. Participating in league challenges can be a fun and rewarding way to obtain unique items like Tabula Rasa.

Trading with Other Players
PoE has a vibrant player-driven economy that allows for trading between players. If you don't want to rely on RNG or farm for the item yourself, you can trade with other players. Many players who have extra Tabula Rasa items are willing to sell them for various in-game currencies or items. You can use trade platforms such as the official PoE Trade website or third-party trade websites to find players who are selling Tabula Rasa and negotiate a trade. Be sure to compare prices and check the reputation of the seller before making a trade to ensure a fair transaction.