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22 Nights of Terror Holiday Event in Diablo 2: Resurrected


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Mar 16, 2022
As detailed in a blog post that is appropriately vague, Blizzard states that a new gameplay modifier will affect all online-enabled games each day from now until January 4. When it comes to what those gameplay modifiers will actually entail, Blizzard isn't spoiling the surprise, only stating that "powerful loot, a dash of terror, and a new surprise to experience each day" awaits players in Sanctuary over the course of the holiday season.
"This magic from beyond is not cause for a ceasefire in the unremitting conflict between demon and mortal, but its nuances can still be felt, disturbances are surely lurking about," Blizzard's blog reads.

Diablo II: Resurrected is currently in the middle of its second ladder season, which introduced two major new additions to Blizzard's classic ARPG in the form of Terror Zones and Sundered Charms. Terror Zones make it so a specific area in the world of Sanctuary each hour will become terrorized by more powerful monsters, which in return grant more XP and better loot when killed. Sundered Charms, which can currently only drop from enemies in Terror Zones, allow players to break monster damage-type immunities when equipped, effectively making far more builds viable in the late stages of Diablo II.

Earlier this year, Blizzard introduced the first major balance changes to Diablo II in over a decade. Those changes buffed many underused class skills and sought to improve all of the game's non-Act II mercenaries in an effort to make them more viable options for endgame players.
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