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  1. BradP

    Update Site Update 5/27/2020

    what's the plan for this site? What's next to make it unique to become better than all them other gaming sites :)
  2. BradP

    Update Site Update 4/30/2020

    Nice update Zach :)
  3. BradP

    Off-Topic Introduce yourself to the community!

    welcome to Gamermob, hope to see you around alot more :)
  4. BradP

    Howdy All!!

    Howdy All!!
  5. BradP

    Off-Topic Introduce yourself to the community!

    Hi everyone i am Brad Have been a member of the Xenforo community for 10yrs + and have recently hung up my keyboard of running/owening websites i have had loads of fun over the years and to be honest spent a good few dollars on trying to get the sites off the ground and running but in all...
  6. BradP

    Announcement Welcome to Gamer Mob!

    Site looks ace pal! looking forward to how you push on and get the site booming and popping with members :)
  7. BradP

    PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    I am with you on this, ill be getting both and starting with the series X... recent news suggests that the ps5 is way behind in terms of overall specs to the X so will see.